Mehran Shopping Center, Affordable, Trendy, Ready to Wear Dresses in Karachi


Karachi is a huge city with thousands of shopping complexes. While each area has its own distinguished shopping areas, the chic and upcoming designs are mostly launched in the shopping centers of Defence and Clifton.

But its not uncommon to get overwhelmed while shopping in Karachi because literally every shopping center has its own variety, designs, its own clients, and their own distinct price range.

Recently the trend of shopping in Karachi has pretty much revolutionized from un stitched fabric to ready to wear dresses.

We are already short of time and wasting time on clothes is absolutely bothersome, so we want results quick.

I have shopped from many different areas of Karachi, but my verdict for affordable, trendy, ready to wear dresses goes to Mehran shopping center.

This is a very small shopping center as compared to other shopping plazas in Karachi. Its not even a proper shopping center rather there are just a few shops under a residential building.

One boutique in particular Bin Saeed has a variety, of neatly stitched, recent trendy kurtas and dupatta.

If you are looking for casual, semi formal then Mehran shopping center is definitely the place to go.

From Rs.900 to Rs. 3000 you can find stitched designer lawn shirts to 3 piece suits.

Cigarette pants and stitched trousers in different colors, matching stoles and dupattas everything is available.

For people living in Defence, Clifton and Bahadurabad and Mohammad Ali society, Mehran shopping center is not something new but for people coming from distant areas in Karachi, this place is not very well known and they often find it hard to reach exactly the location.

So let me explain the address to you:

Come to gulf shopping center and keep going straight on the road towards Aghas, on your left side you will see a PSO pump just next to it is a small building that says Mehran Heights. This is the spot.

Although there are many other boutiques and small shopping centers around Gulf and within the areas of zamzama, Mehran shopping center is fairly easy to reach and their prices are pretty less.

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  1. Hi
    Plz any one help me I’m new in Karachi
    Where from I can buy good quality party wear dresses in reasonable rates ?
    Or good “Karegers” who made designers
    Bridle wears replicas ?

    • Kiran Kanwal on

      Hi Mahroo,

      Karachi is a big big avalanche of “good quality dresses”. So when you ask me about reasonable rates and beautiful dresses, I can list out the following places
      1. Banaras Market: This market is so far the best shopping spot for weddings, you will find original hand woven khaddi fabric, original banarasi, jamawar, atlus and all these kinds of materials. In fact you can also see the karigars working on the “addas” and handlooms. The prices are so very reasonable that you will be shocked to see the raised prices of almost the same kinds of fabrics in Zamzama.
      But the only problem with Banaras market is the location. Its located near Orangi town which is a somewhat unstable area. But if you choose a regular weekday except Friday and go in the day and come back in the day. Its not much of a hassle. And the shop owners there are very soft spoken as well.

      2. Paposh Market:This market is located near Nazimabad, this market is not too huge, but they also have some fine pieces of embroidered fabrics. Tailoring, embroidery, matching etc all is available there in reasonable rates.

      3.Tariq Road: Tariq Road is one of the oldest market in Karachi. There is a huge variety of clothes, wedding dresses, replicas, some designer outlets and trust me you will have to walk a lot while finding your desired dress. And since there is such a huge variety of fancy clothes, bags, sandals, etc I often find it confusing

      4. Gulf Market:So far this is one my favorite clothes market! You will find all the latest designs of wedding, party dresses. Tailored, readymade, and un stitched embellished fabrics are all available. The prices vary and always remember that bargaining is the key.

      5.Zamzama: If you want the newest, most unique and authentic designer clothes come to Zamzama. When it comes to the high rates , one can’t argue over this fact, because one of the best designers of Pakistan like Deepak Parwani, Mina Hassan etc have their boutiques here.
      But I will recommend checking out all the inside streets of Zamzama, where they have some smaller brands shops which have some very beautiful designs.

      • if someone want to made any branded bridal dress , we have a big karkhana in orangi town now after rengers operation orangi town is also the safe place for visiters if donot want to come our karigar would come for taking the order any where at karachi please contact us on mobile 03032234698(waheed) -03052308344 (fouzia)

  2. Hello Kiran,

    If I want to order some Pakistani kurtis from Mehran shopping center how I can order from them ??

  3. Lovely description !!
    Good work … Tariq Road my favourite… Turned into a dirty messy condition owing to no maintenance from the Municipality people ! However, Karachi Karachi hai jee … No place in the world like this divine city !

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