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How many times has it been you are 100% satisfied with the salon services especially when you are paying a big amount? I believe not many. I have been to many salons, which claim to be the best beauty salon in Karachi  but I rarely felt the complete experience to be fulfilling. There always was one lacking factor be it space, hygiene, the workers, the products, the management, their customer treatment, or the end result itself.

But lately I have been appalled by my visit to a very recent salon in Karachi which did make me actually want to write words of praise for it. I find it to be the best beauty salon in Karachi!

Bellagio by Sadaf, is truly the best beauty salon in Karachi. From their main building which has a vintage styled exterior to the entrance which gives a very modern, clean and spacious look. This salon is highly recommended to all the ladies out there who want to relax and enjoy their “my time”.

I must commend their customer services and their staff which is highly trained and professional. Their receptionists pay attention to you and are very warm, accommodating and will always try their best to help you out. Unlike many other famous salons who lack so much in customer services. Their receptionists would be just scrolling down their phones and not pay attention to the client and are at times very rude. (an attitude which literally puts off the client)

At Bellagios even for the tiniest of the services that you get done you will be issued a card which will contain all the details of the services that you take which becomes useful later.

And now when it comes to the actual work. The level of professionalism at Bellagios definitely deserves a big shout out. All their workers are trained and know how to take care of the client and make each one feel special.

I believe this is a very key factor. Otherwise there are so many famous salons here but completely lack in professionalism which makes me never want to visit them again. But over here not only do I want to visit again but also want to tag along my sisters and friends.

And the interior is surely breathtaking. Thank Goodness there are no cheap Bollywood songs played in full volume rather there is relaxing music in a very minimal volume which actually makes you feel de-stressed.

Every section of the salon, be it the pedicure one, the waxing rooms, the nail areas, the tiniest of the details have been worked on there. Leaving zero place for errors.

And the hygiene level is top notch. Not a single trace of hair on the floor, and their staffs uniforms were neat and professional. They didn’t look shabby or disheveled. Which itself is prerequisite in businesses like these where we the clients entrust ourselves to others for taking care of our appearance.

I have met the owner Sadaf twice and she is a very warm and highly professional lady herself. She will give you all the time and will not rush which I believe is a very important factor to consider when booking your bridal makeup or getting your hair colored, where you are spending big bucks and yet are nervous.

When it comes to the price value, its worth it and if you check out their deals you can avail even more economical options.

And I really hope Bellagio stays the way it is and I am surely going there again!



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