Borjan Shoes, Meesha Shafi Tapped Right On The Spot

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Up till now I barely noticed Borjan Shoes, besides Stylo and Walk Eaze comfort and style wasn’t to be found anywhere else.

But the recent one minute and two second Borjan Shoes TV commercial starring Meesha Shafi has sparked the urge in me to shop from Borjan Shoes straight away.

I personally admire Meesha Shafi alot, her height, her elegance, her short hair and especially the way she talks.

So the choice by Borjan Shoes of starring Meesha Shafi has tapped the right market.

A commercial is never a hit until it ignites the consumerism power in us.

The product must shine upon the actors and the environment, and this is exactly what the Borjan Shoes TV commercial did.

The market targeted by Borjan shoes is young, working, energetic women who simply wont compromise on comfort and style, and that’s totally me.


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