Meat One Qurbaani Service Review

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Honestly for me Eid ul Azha or Bakra Eid is entirely a family affair. Parents, cousins, aunts, more the people, the merrier the festivities are.

After all human resource counts when you bring down a big cow and chop it into pieces!

And because this time most of my family was abroad and we were just a few here,  bringing a cow home for Bakra Eid wasnt a possibility, so we opted for Hisa.

We searched around the vicinity (Defence and Clifton) and short listed two notable Qurbaani services Meat One and Saylaani and finally laid the verdict on Meat One.

Meat One has built quite a reputation in a very short time. And it has maintained its standards. Although the meat products are a bit overpriced, people who wish to buy from there have kept the business running so far.

Meat One Qurbaani Service

A Part/ Hisa of cow was for Rs 13,000 inclusive of taxes and  a goat was for Rs. 19,000 inclusive of taxes.

Although Saylaani were charging Rs. 8000 inclusive of taxes for Cow Part and Rs. 12,000 for a Goat.

Since many people opt for Qurbaani from Meat One its a better idea to get your booking done a week before Eid or they will turn you down.

I must say their computerized system is pretty impressive and all the information is jolted down in the computers software and you receive a receipt, confirming the name and date and time of the arrival of the meat.

So now my main concern was Will Meat One justify its price? This was a mystery which would be solved only on Eid.

We were allotted a time between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, but because our rider got a bit confused while searching for the address our delivery was delayed by half an hour.

Finally when our part of meat arrived I was impressed.

A clean, labelled zipper bag with a proper thermocol box inside to maintain the freshness of the meat. And what surprised me even more was that the parts of the meat were properly distributed in separate plastic pouches.

Mince, boneless meat, bone meat, trotters, and steak pieces all were separate. And also the meat pieces were very clean opposed to the usual regular butchers who chop the meat mercilessly and always leave the extra fat on the meat.

Meat One Qurbaani Service is a big Thumbs Up from my side!


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