Why I Trust K&N’s Nuggets More Than Any Other Chicken Nuggets

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K&N’s is a renowned name in Pakistan and since the last 3-4 years their products are being used more at my place because I have growing up 5 year old kid. Which means more fried items, nuggets, sausages, etc.

Now when your child develops the craving of one particular food and if that’s chicken nuggets then you simply cant compromise on quality and health.

For many people in Pakistan a brand simply means undue and unjustified high price.

Although this isn’t completely wrong and one can imply this thought when it comes to clothing or other fashion accessories.

Because even the big names in lawns, tear and their colors fade.

But in case of food its not always true.

High quality, healthy food is every Pakistanis requirement and especially for our kids.

In the beginning I tried only K&N’s chicken nuggets because they were the only ones available in the market.

The nuggets were delicious, crispy, golden with an amazing chicken flavor. One definitely can have more than 5 nuggets at a time.

Soon other brands also came in the market like Mon o Salwa and Dawn Nuggets and I also gave them a try.

Mon o salwa nuggets are average, though rejected by my son and please don’t buy Dawn nuggets because one can barely find chicken in it and they are not very crisp and also the taste is awful like that of fried bread only without any taste of chicken.

Why K&N’s Nuggets are the best?

1. Consistency

From day 1 till today K&N’s Products have the same great flavor.

2. Packaging

High quality plastic used in packaging and its also approved by the Copyright and Trademark Ordinance.

One can make out that the frozen product is of good quality when the items within the package are not soiled and are not sticking with each other and when you open the package there should be no kind of smell whatsoever.

3. Very economical

K&N’s products are not expensive at all.

They are very economical and the price is totally justified.

The big standard packet of 795 gram of K&N’s fun Nuggets is worth Rs.459 from Hyperstar.

And different retailers may have Rs 5 more or less owing to the taxes.

However Rs. 460 for a healthy, delicious, hygienic and guaranteed chicken nuggets is totally justified and if your child consumes 2 nuggets every third day then can easily run this entire pack for the entire month.




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  1. Do you trust the meat and ingredients and the quality of meat, I mean is the chicken they use is not raised on steroids or antibiotics, I have hard time trusting any processed or frozen food. They definitely taste great, but the preservatives and quality of meat scares me to feed them to my kids. Have you done any search or know any link where I can read the commitment of K&Ns to quality of meat and other ingredients.

    • Kiran Kanwal on

      Hi Monica,

      Unfortunately the biggest issue that we Pakistanis face is the Trust Deficit issue. So even when it comes to any food item, we just have to read what’s written on the packages and as long as K’N products are MSG free, they stand out above the others, and also like I said when you taste their nuggets you do get a flavor and have a mouthful taste of meat but with other brands, one can easily make out that its more bread crumbs and very scarce quantity of meat.
      But on the other note, we should develop a habit of giving least amounts of these frozen meat products. Like one big step that I took was totally wiping out sausages, and bolognes from our meal. So now my kids can only have nuggets and that too only thrice a month.

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