Iqra University is Offering Free Intermediate Exam Prep Course

If you are an intermediate college or A-level student and are feeling confused and stressed about your admissions to a good reputable university, then worry no more, because Iqra University is offering you a very good solution, and completely Free of Cost!

I know even I couldn’t believe it at first, but once I learned more about the details of the program I am quite convinced. So let me walk you through the details of this program.

Iqra University needs no introduction. With 30,000 students enrolled in Iqra University’s multiple programs, across Karachi and Islamabad, its reputation only grows by the day. 

And it has always been their priority to provide quality education without burdening students and their families with any kind of financial burden.

As we all know that adolescents in Pakistan often are faced with difficulties when deciding for a higher degree and career, and it will not be wrong to say that there is a dearth of career counseling, so most students have to look out for themselves without any professional guidance, so when such a university like Iqra University takes the initiative of offering free preparatory admission courses, then one needs not to give it a second thought!

The GRU ( Get Ready University ) program will prepare students academically and professionally so that they are fully equipped with all the tools to get admission in a good reputable university.

The GRU program will help students master their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. They will learn all the habits which are extremely critical to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Currently, GRU is offering exam preparation courses for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Accounting.

The most amazing part of this program is that it will all be offered online! So you need not worry about going through the hassle of traveling but merely just have to switch on your PC/laptop and log in to the course.

All the classes will be conducted online with highly trained professionals, so if you are a college student or know of anyone who requires assistance for preparing for university then go ahead and sign up for Iqra University’s GRU program.



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    Hope everything is going good on your end ? Why have you stopped writing/blogging, it was fun to read.

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Why Ehd e Wafa is the Best Drama Serial This Year.

The past couple of months have been quite a booming time for Pakistan’s Drama industry. With a change in the cliched stories of mother and daughter-in-laws, the drama industry has positively shifted their direction to other subjects, such as extramarital affairs by a woman, a rape survivor, a bipolar person, and of course the contemporary average Pakistani youth.

And it’s quite credible how these dramas have given everyone the right to express their opinion over such matters, and how every episode has become a subject of small talks in the common drawing-room conversations, this ripple effect truly explains how the media industry has the power to make people think and process.

Another positive impact that has come along with these dramas is that not only the average Pakistani women are watching these dramas but even men and the younger population are watching it along with their families.

In a time, where many people have #Netflix on every device they lay their hands on, drawing their attention on a Pakistani drama serial which is quite low in budget and production to the Netflix series is quite commendable.

So just like every modern, contemporary Pakistani woman, I am also quite hooked to some of the Pakistani dramas, and enjoy discussing each episode with my friends and family.

But whenever I sit down alone and get time to peacefully analyze as to which drama serial truly connects with me it has to be Ehde Wafa!

To be honest, when I first watched the promo of this drama, the first thought that crossed my mind was that this is not going to be anywhere near Alpha Bravo Charlie.

I was 13 years old when I clearly remember my entire family sat down and watched Alpha bravo, Charlie, there was literally silence on the streets and people were hooked.

I remember the first fuzzy warm feelings of romance between Shennaz and Gulsher and also learned that human beings no matter how strong they appear, are equally vulnerable inside.

And now when I’m in my thirties I was excited that I will get to relive the excitement of Alpha bravo Charlies.

But after watching 18 episodes of this wonderful serial, I must admit that I’ve enjoyed it more than Alpha Bravo Charlie, and I have no regrets about it 🙂

There is no comparison between the two serials as they both have their own place and identity and have built their own connection with the audience, but Ehd e Wafa does have an edge of being more exciting, touchy and that extra fling!

So here is a list of reasons, why Ehd e Wafa is the best drama serial of this year:-

  • It’s about the average Pakistani youth, who is positive, educated, belonging to modest backgrounds has dreams of making it happen.
  • Shazains’ rich background is justified because he belongs to a feudal family, which is so true in Pakistan.
  • The struggles of the characters are so closely related to the struggles of an average Pakistani, be it about not having enough resources, of being a financial burden on your parents or sister, or be it about the complexities of love.
  • When you speak for the truth there are some bad guys threatening you.
  • There is no saas-bahu issue which is such a relief.
  • Such positive parents like we see in Dua’s father and Saad’s mother, and these are the positive parents that do exist in our society and by portraying them more it gives a confidence to other parents too, that standing with your child, when he or she is right, is more important than keeping in view of your extended family sentiments.
  • Saad’s mother displays an excellent persona of a working Pakistani woman, she has a career and is a dedicated mother, who is happy about her son’s love interest but also very smartly guides him through his emotional challenges.
  • And I can’t get enough of the Ehde Wafa girls, because each one of them is so strong and clear in their own place. They are so positive, they are hardworking, they have goals, they are fun, they are dreamers, they are in love, they support their partners, they are also scared, basically they are everything an average positive Pakistani girl is like.
  • And I can get glimpses of my own self, in Rani, where she is so much fun but she knows that she cant always show her real self to everyone because after all, we do fear the judgments of others,
  • I love the way Masooma is crazily in love with Shehryar, her cousin, and I’m sure many Pakistani girls do fall in love with their cousins and have poured down many cups of tea down their throats hoping to get a response from their heart. Oh! yes when Shahryar broke her heart, I felt a pinch too!
  • I can totally connect to Dua’s confidence, where she knows what she wants in life, she is not scared to express her love but she knows how to wait for the right time. And I love the way, she is dedicated to completing her studies, but she also misses her love interest and dreams of him.
  • All these characters come so naturally to the audience that it’s wonderful to witness a visual display of the Pakistani youth.
  • I am absolutely in awe with Hajra Yamin’s character, she is the kind of a girl who is everything that may be so many girls wanted to be too at some time, so smart and sassy, outgoing. And this way this serial also gives a chance to many girls to relive their dreams.

In fact, there are many, many more words of praise that I can write about this serial, and I must say hats off to Mustafa Afridi for weaving such strong, beautiful characters for us who are totally justified in their position.

After all, people are not always black or white, it’s the shades of gray that make us human.

To be strong yet feeble, to be loved by some but disliked by some too, to be determined in our self but appear selfish for others.

I would also like to compliment ISPR and hum Tv productions for this wonderful drama serial.

Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to many more such serials.


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Iqra University Annual Play

Last week I had the chance to attend a play by the Drama students of Iqra University, North campus. And honestly, I was blown away!

My uncle who also happens to be the Dean of one of the departments in Iqra university asked me to take my kids to attend the play. Honestly, in the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about whether I should go or not and if the language would be child-appropriate. And all I knew about the play was that its an Urdu adaptation of an English play.

And because many years back I had attended a play in the Arts Council, which had left me disappointed.

But since my uncle said that I will like it and usually when he does give assurance about certain things he is then right most of the time.

So together with my parents and my two boys, we went to Iqra University at 7 in the night.

It was a Saturday and the weather was chilly. I was prepped with warm clothes and snacks since I was told that it’s going to be in the open.

I must admit that the campus of Iqra University in North Karachi is quite stunning. Hidden between two graveyards one doesn’t expect such a magnificent campus to exist there.

Anyways walking towards the location of the play I was quite impressed with the open auditorium in the campus.

The timing for the beginning of the show was 7:30 and it did start around 7:45. There were really not many people, mostly the audience was the students of the university and their staff.

So before the play, the director briefed us about it and told us that the students had been working very hard for the entire semester and this is like their final exam. This fact did instill some affection for the students and I made up my mind that even if I find the play boring I will not walk out.

Then the play started, with two characters on stage discussing the upcoming charity function at the local university. In just the first few minutes of watching these young actors perform and deliver dialogues I was hooked and I knew it this is going to be some good entertainment.

The play was for 2 hours but never in those two hours did I feel that it’s getting boring, in fact every scene every dialogue was so timely delivered and so eloquently said that I was captivated with their performance.

The best part was that it was in Urdu and the students’ Urdu accent was commendable, something of the sort of Angan terha dramas where its fun and witty and poetic.

But the biggest surprise to me was that even my 6-year-old boy and my 10-year-old boy enjoyed so much. They sat there for two hours without even asking once “When will we go home” although at times I did feel the Urdu was a bit advanced, it never failed in connecting with the audience even be it, children.

My elder one was so into it that he was actually anticipating what’s going to happen next and was cheering, smiling, getting anxious along with the play.

This is what he has to say, “I went to watch a play in NAPA, and I think this play was much better. The people in NAPA didn’t do that good acting but the play in this university I liked a lot because it was funny, there was comedy, action, drama etc. and their expressions were so good and even how they spoke they spoke appropriately like when Mrs. Chaudhry drank the fainting potion she acted as if she had really fainted. It felt as if I’m in the moment. I liked this play way more than the one in NAPA.”

This is just about my children. Even my parents who are in the Senior citizen category they enjoyed the play.

So basically what these aspiring young actors did was commendable.

They connected with every age group from a senior citizen to an adult to even a 6-year-old child and I think this is exactly what good theatre does.

And all these students delivered their lines so well, with expressions and acting. I couldn’t even notice any bloopers even if there where I’m sure they covered it up very smartly.

Even their costumes and makeup were laudable.

The reason why I’m writing these words of praise is that theatre is such an important medium of arts, information, and entertainment which has been neglected for so long. And this is why theatre actors are considered to be bigger actors than screen actors.

I mean they are the ones who are not given retakes and edits and lighting, etc. Everything that they have, is just the stage and them and the moment.

I am really hoping that these young and talented actors get a chance to perform this play “Aapki Tareef” again and in front of a bigger audience.

Once again I would like to compliment all the actors for such a phenomenal performance and I am looking forward to many more plays by them.

Well done!

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Best Restaurant in North Nazimabad

Recently I got a chance to visit a new restaurant, ‘Tandoor’ in North Nazimabad for a Hajj party, which I found to be the best restaurant in that area.

I liked it right away, the first reason being there was an elevator so senior citizens won’t find it difficult to reach the rooftop. It was very clean, proper tables and chairs set up. Moderate lighting. Friendly and neat waiters.

What I like about their menu is that it’s not too extensive and is pretty basic, with a few variations of karahi. And they serve Chilman Biryani on the weekend.

To be honest, the only problem that we faced was finding proper parking as the roads there are in very bad shape. But luckily Tandoor also offers free valet parking.

For starters, we had Dynamite prawns and French fries.

Honestly, these were the best dynamite prawns I’ve had so far. Properly breaded and fried without any oily after taste. The sauce was soo sumptuous and the overall taste of the prawns deserves 5 stars.

We were seated on the rooftop, so my biggest concern with little kids was the height of the boundary wall but to my relief, the height of the rooftop in Tandoor is pretty high and we can sit in peace and enjoy our food.

And when it comes to describing the quality and taste of food I have nothing but praise.

Each and every item that we ordered was cooked and presented to perfection. After a very long time, I really enjoyed eating desi food.

Starting from the chilman biryani, well why is it called chilman  because it is served in clay pots and covered with a naan, and you have to dig in the naan to get the biryani, and the biryani tasted just perfect not too spicy or oily but a beautiful blend  and aroma of the spices, and tender meat.

The seekh kebab and malai boti were perfectly barbecued, and were so juicy and moist.

And you have to try the grilled fish there. It was simply amazing, served with rice, the fish had this tender yet crispy skin and the meat was soo juicy with the perfect blend of spices, which were not too overpowering, so you can actually taste what fish is like.

So from the naan to the karahi, every dish tasted just right, the serving was ample.

But the star of the dishes was Hunzai Handi. I have no words to explain the heavenly, creamy, taste of this exquisite karahi and I highly recommend it to all desi food lovers to try it at least once.

Oh yes, I can’t forget the desserts! Guess what if they wrote shahi turkey in their menu they actually had it, unlike many other restaurants who like to print names but fail to produce the dish.

So luckily they had shahi tukrey and it tasted so good and it was even served in a very royal plate with golden curved edges.

Tandoor restaurant in North Nazimabad is definitely one of the best restaurants in Karachi and even if you make the trip from Defence or Gulistan Johar I can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

I am going there again soon!

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Karachi Weather Now: Things You Must Know

If you think that it’s still too early to take out your winter clothes, and spread out your comforters and quilts in the sun, then you are thinking wrong! Karachi weather now is already giving you signals.

You may take it slow to start prepping for winters but the clothing line is already ready to face winters. From #Khaadi to #Sapphire all the big brands have launched their winter collection and women have started to redesign their wardrobes.

But apart the fancy winter look of clothes, shawls, brewing coffee smell and cracking peanuts all night long, winters in Karachi come with their baggage of illnesses and diseases.

Some of the Common Winter Illnesses:-

  • Colds
  • Sore throat
  • Asthma
  • Norovirus
  • Painful Joints
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Cold Sores
  • Dry Skin
  • Flu
  • Pneumonia

And when it comes to a metropolitan city like Karachi which is highly polluted, viruses and bacterias thrive happily.

So considering Karachi weather now, here is a list of must-haves for surviving winters in Karachi blissfully:-

Things You Must Have in Your Home to Survive Winters in Karachi:-

  • Nebulizers

I know many of you who have kids, might already have it, but for those who don’t, I think its the right time to invest in a good nebulizer.

It doesn’t mean that you always use some medications for your mild congestion but even if you only nebulize with saline, it provides some relief.

  • Axe Brand Oil

This is something my mother has been using ever since we were kids, and now I use it. This oil is a combination of menthol, eucalyptus oil, camphor, and some other pain relieving ingredients.

This combination of oils has been used in Ayurvedic treatments too.

Since headaches and flu are very common in winters, a mild massage on the forehead with this oil provides instant relief and you don’t feel the need to pop in a painkiller, which is the biggest plus point.

This oil is also used for the treatment of body aches and stomach problems.

  • Honey, Ginger, Lemon

You definitely need these three ingredients always always in your kitchen to survive the winter. Prepare a tea or consume individually, honey ginger lemon are natural antibiotics.

Every day make it a habit to drink honey ginger lemon tea in the morning, also convince your children to drink it.

  • Bone Broth

Call it paya, or soup, but before the arrival prepare liters of bone broth and store in your freezer.

Bone broth is rich in electrolytes, collagen, proline, glycine all these components are extremely essential for a healthy immune system. Since most of the diseases and illnesses are caused due to a weak immune system, bone broths are one of the easiest ways you can improve your immune system and overall health.

A little effort and establishing a healthy routine can save you your bucks spent on medicines and doctors visit.


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New Places In Karachi

Its been a while, and there have been quite a lot of new places in Karachi

Every other mall you visit, there is always something ready to be launched. From restaurants to play areas, there are so many new places to visit in Karachi.

Here is a list of some of the new places to visit in Karachi:-

Sindbad Extreme Dolmen Mall Clifton

If you have already been to the second floor of Onderland in Lucky One Mall, you will get an idea of Sindbad Extreme.

It looks super fun for tweens and teens and even grown-ups who just want to chill out with their buddies.

Bowling, bumper cars, more arena games, Sindbad extreme is sure to promise more fun to the people of Karachi.

Topsy Turvy Ocean Mall

I recently attended a birthday party there and my little one really enjoyed it.

Although this one is especially for kids aged 2.5 to 5, I really liked the entire set up, the cleanliness and the large jungle gym which looks pretty safe.

The staff is very friendly and have their eyes on kids at all times.

I would highly recommend Topsy Turvy if you are planning a birthday for your little one.

Baskin Robbins

For those who have a sweet tooth and if you are wanting to try out something new, Baskin Robbins will be a good option. The world-famous ice cream parlor is now finally here in Karachi and people can’t help raving about it.

There are usually very long queues so avoid going on the weekends.

Although its a bit pricey as compared to our local ice cream brands, sometimes a little treat for yourself won’t do much harm.


The first indoor theme park in Karachi.

Dinoadventureland is in the Forum Clifton and Saima Mall near Rashid Minhas Road.

If you haven’t been there with your kids you can make plans for the coming weekend. Kids will enjoy it as they have made some really interactive dinosaur models with sounds and movements.

And if your kids enjoyed Jurassic World, Dinoadventureland will surely be a treat for them.

Nueplex Cinema Rashid Minhas

Your list of fun places to visit in Karachi cannot be complete unless you go out to watch a movie with friends and family.

After the huge success of Nueplex cinema in Defence Phase 8, their latest branch on Rashid Minhas road has got more audience flocking in to watch movies with surround sound, bigger screens, and safer environment.

Karachi is the most happening city of Pakistan and each day there’s something new to explore, do share with us what’s new in your areas, and we would be happy to spread the word.



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14 August The Most Amazing Lantern Festival

With the much awaited “Naya Pakistan” People all over Pakistan are very excited for 14 August.

Everyone is making plans as to where will they celebrate Independence Day. But this time the entire feeling altogether is different, and that’s because we can now see “Naya Pakistan” happening.

From Lucky One Mall to Dolmen Mall to Sea View. Every happening place is getting ready to host a memorable event.

However, in the past 2-3 years not only the big malls are celebrating Independence day but also every business be it big or small are also offering Azaaadi packages or discount offers.

So when people go out to celebrate 14 August they might buy a thing or two and also profit the business.

So you see there are now so many exciting things happening in the city. That will even pull the laziest person from his couch to go out and have fun.

As we have always celebrated Independence Day no matter we get stuck in traffic, the feel of patriotism on this particular day is just something else.

This time I plan to go to Pakistan Lantern Festival held at Benazir Shaheed Park.

I did not know about this festival until we were going to Beach Luxury Hotel and I saw huge posters. Big bright lanterns were displayed and a huge banner of “Pakistan China Lantern Festival”

This looked so spectacular that my kids and I we decided that we will go there on 14 August.

Although there is not much information available about this event and even their Facebook page simply tells that the event will start from 14 August so I’m guessing the event will be held for a longer time.

I can’t find the ticket cost but will definitely update you about it once I  know.





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Teefa in Trouble; A Pakistani Blockbuster and Must Watch

Rs.700 for the ticket, Rs.600 for the nachos, Rs.350 for the popcorn and Rs. 250 for the slushy. I just spent around Rs.2000 for one movie.

And if you ask me was it worth it? Yes! it totally was.

Teefa in Trouble

A full-time entertainer, a family movie which has all the elements to stir laughter, romance, and anger.

After a very long time in fact after almost a year, our entire family planned a movie night and went to the cinema to watch a movie. Although there were many new releases during Eid,  none had the strong magnetic effect of actually being able to pull an audience to the movie.

And more so an audience which has Netflix in their own bedroom where they can watch the worlds best productions and all at a very low price.

Cheaper snacks, the comfort of your bed, and outstanding performance by artists. In other words, I also have apprehensions for the revival of the Pakistani cinema in the Netflix era. Especially now that Indian productions have also carved their way into Netflix through Sacred Games.

But despite all these doubts we went to watch Teefa in Trouble. And I am so glad we did.

Teefa in Trouble is not a new story, in fact, its very cliched and we all know what will happen next how the characters will react the beauty of it is that all the cliches are portrayed in a very beautiful Pakistani way. Which I think is the USP of the movie.

Although there were many movies in the past like Ho Man Jahan, Cake or 7 Din Mohabbat in, the trailers displayed them like an elongated drama movie. When I go to the cinema I go for entertainment, it may sound cheesy but that’s the reasons why Avengers, Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious always have a houseful.

So if a movie is going to make me think or depressed or question my civil rights I would rather watch it at home in the comfort of my bed.

And this is exactly where Ali Zeefar scored it right with catchy songs, beautiful locations, big sceneries, nice dances, excellent music and one cannot forget the stunning Maya Ali. Who so far has done one of the best actings amongst many Pakistani female actresses. As an audience when you are sitting in front of the screen, the actors are supposed to send a chill down your spine and that’s exactly what she did. She looked beautiful so hats off the makeup artists and stylists, she danced really well and delivered her dialogues profoundly.

Ali Zafar, of course, is one of Pakistans best asset and he delivered eloquently in the movie.

But besides the lead roles all the other actors did a remarkable job, for example, Faisal Qureshi’s comedy timing was seamless and we surely want to see more of his work in the future. Javed Sheikh Mehmood Aslam and all the crew were perfect in their roles.

When it comes to claiming Teefa in Trouble as a family movie yes it was apart from a few adult relevant jokes which only the adults will grasp the movie is clean and fun.

The overall representation of the contemporary Pakistani youth is very much spot on and that’s why we all loved it.

I highly recommend you all to go and watch Teefa in Trouble and get entertained but hey leave your thinking caps at home 🙂

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Karachi Needs Active Public Spaces More than Ever

The third most populous city in the world, with an average population of 20 million, and with urbanization at its peak; KARACHI.The largest city of Pakistan, the highest revenue generating city.

Every other day a new building is torn down, empty, vacant grounds are occupied with steel and iron. Banks, software houses, multinational companies, shopping malls are found in big numbers here. But just like any other growing big city, Karachi carries its own baggage of mess.

The rise in air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, garbage disposal management, shortage of resources, inflation, and the list goes on.

Now, these are by far and large colossal issues and need immediate attention. Another major problem due to rapid urbanization is that we are losing the public spaces at a much higher rate than expected.

According to satellite imagery, the total share of green space in Karachi has fallen from 4.6% in 2001 to 3.7% in 2013, and has been decreasing ever since.

Now just think of this, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) every city should have a minimum of 9 square metres of green space per person.Which is around 200 sq feet, almost the size of a very small studio apartment.

As for Karachi, since we are already chopping down trees, and demolishing parks, one can imagine how much green space does an average Karachiite owns?

According to many people here, a public space is a shopping mall. But is it really so…

According to UNESCO, a  public space refers to an area or place that is open and accessible to all peoples, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age or socio-economic level. These are public gathering spaces such as plazas, squares, and parks. Connecting spaces, such as sidewalks and streets, are also public spaces.

No doubt Karachi has many malls and plazas big and small, but are they really serving the purpose of an active public space?

From a general point of view a public space (park, community center, squares, sidewalks) may seem just well-designed locations. But deep down they serve a much bigger and vital purpose i.e they are areas where communities come alive, where people connect with their neighbors, and where people of a locality learn to take ownership of their area.

Many public parks conditions have degraded over the period of time, and are converting into food streets or adventure lands.

Active public spaces not only provide a platform for environmental and economic sustainability they also make a powerful impact on the social well being of a society.

According to a research conducted by Karachi University and Panjwani Centre of Molecular Medicine, 35.7% people of Karachi suffer from depression. This is absolutely no kidding. Almost half a population of a city is depressed.

Social isolation is one of the main reasons for depression. Also since most of the people are living crammed in their rooms most of the day, they need an open environment, to ward off depression and stress.

Although there are many non-profit groups and NGOs working towards this initiative of restoring and creating more public spaces for the residents, people also need to develop a sense and culture of engaging in public space.

Not every public space has to turn out to be a food street or shopping district.

World Bank approved a package of $86 million to the Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project (KNIP) in 2017.

The promises of this project are that it will help improve the safety, accessibility, and attractiveness of public spaces in Karachi, such as streets, parks, city squares and pedestrian areas.

It’s been almost a year since this package has been approved, but we haven’t seen any progress.

In a TED Talk, by Amanda Burden, the former director of New York City Department of City Planning explains how her team converted a sandy landfill area near Hudson River into a public space filled with green parks and tree-lined paths. This space is thriving today and it also has a transport system running through it.  When you create an inviting space, the public will come.

Another problem running side by side with the decreasing public spaces is of encroachments. Sidewalks, corners, squares become occupied by people and if not by people they convert into a big garbage dump.

Only if a few dollars from the KNIP project could be used to clear off that dump and renovate a landfill into a cleaner, greener, pavement with some trees and few benches. This could be ideal.

It’s not always about the big bridges, new roads or megaprojects, sometimes, it’s the innovations and creations of a much smaller scale that make the deepest impact on a society.


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Start Preparing for Eid-ul-Azha

What’s an Eid dress if it’s not branded

Sweetness of Eid is in the air these days and it is time for shopping obviously. While shopping, like everyone else you’d be struggling too for sure to get most stylish and captivating dresses and accessories to celebrate the spirit of Eid. I mean who isn’t? Where everyone wants to look fabulous, that is where circle of competition starts getting narrower.

Shopping is never easy especially when it comes to Eid shopping. Among hundreds of shops in market it becomes a nightmare sometimes to pick “THE DRESS” of your dream. Sometimes finding a reasonable shop that offers quality products and reasonable prices gets even difficult than climbing Mount Everest. It gets so annoying that you really want to hit your head against the wall. But as said, “Every problem comes with a solution” there surely is a solution to this problem too.

First of all this problem is only faced by those who don’t even consider brands when they are on shopping. Why? Because of this self-created misconception that branded products are always expensive and unaffordable. This kind of lack of knowledge keeps them away from enjoying the sweetest fruits of brands.

Let me tell you how. You do want to put class, quality fabric, perfect stitching, elegance, style and beauty; all that in a single Eid dress. Right? Also you want to turn heads with a unique grace this Eid. Branded suit is all what you need then. Why? What’s that special about Brands and their clothes? Look behind the curtain in this article and read reasons that why branded Eid dress is perfect for you.

Unique Style

Brands hire professional and educated dress designers to do magic on their collection. Each brand tends to come up with the idea of something new that is better in all aspects from its competitors. Whenever there is an occasion like Eid, a new collection is launched just for that. On Eid, you can witness uniqueness and beautiful distinctiveness on the racks of these designers.

Affordable Price

Let’s talk about that a little more. Some brands do offer extremely expensive apparels and other products but not all of them. Many brands, especially that have their stores in local market or in malls of your city/district; they offer products in very reasonable prices. You’ll be amazed that some brands even offer you dresses in lesser prices and in finest quality than that of local shops.

What’s more amazing? Whenever there is sale, you can get your favorite dresses in even lesser rates. Moreover, there is always sale for Eid. And you don’t need to bargain at all. All prices are fixed and reasonable.

Quality Fabric

Quality fabric is what every brand focuses on. There is hardly any brand that is down in fabric quality. Its first priority for them and on this they make no compromises at all.
Isn’t that what you are looking for? If you’re fond of quality fabric pick a branded dress this Eid.

Perfectly Stitched

“My tailor ruined my Eid dress” this phrase is the worst nightmare. Eid is the time when tailors make gold from their business. They have too many orders and bundles of clothes to stitch. Because of shortage of time and load of work this happens almost always. Worst thing is, it is too risky that at last hour your tailor gets agree to fix things up bestow you with a costly bill.

Why fall into such troubles? Branded readymade suits have the best and finest stitching and they’re available in different sizes. You can find one that is of your fitting for sure. Don’t take risks that can ruin your Eid.

Elegance and grace

Once you’re into filling up your wardrobe with branded clothes, you’ll know how elegant and graceful look you reflect just by wearing them. And when it is Eid what’s the point if we do not pick one gorgeous dress for its special celebrations?
Designs, patterns, combination of colors, style and any kind of work will itself tell a beautiful tale.

When brands are here to give you everything that you want and afford, why even bother wasting precious time on other shops? Wear your favorite brand this Eid with style and grace and enjoy the happiness and blessing of this Eid. And oh! Frankly asking, what are you going to wear this Eid? Tell us your Eid dress story in comment section.

(This is a guest post from Waleed Jamshaid-Thank you for your contribution!)

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