10 Annoying Habits of Pakistani Men


1. Nothing is a Big Deal Only If They Say So

pakistani man 7

“Aray mera yeh mutlub to nahi tha…” a common tagline of Pakistani men which they always use for a safe escape.

2.Pakistani Men and Mood Swings Go Side By Side

paki man 8

Although women have scientific evidences for expressing mood swings, Pakistani men moods actually rest on a swing. One tiny blunder can cancel the trip to the mall. Or it can totally turn on his mute mode.

3.They Can NEVER EVER find things (even if the phone is next to them)

stupid man 3

Mera phone dekha hai? Mera wallet kahan hai, meri ghari, mera chashma these very essential items can never be found by the owner himself.

Forgetfulness is just a part of manhood, who says there’s something wrong with it.

From mom to Mrs its the ladies obligation to find things with a smile for the men.

4. Amazing Cooks but Only Once in a Blue Moon

paki man 11

“Aaj mein chicken banaonga.. ” there you go…. be prepared to assist Masterchef.

Ingredients at his disposal, kitchen supplies clean and ready. Vegetables chopped.
Then his majesty will bestow us the honor of tasting this really sumptuous chicken curry which surely is very delicious. But this happens once a year, and the compliments are shared throughout the year.

5. Vegetables Are Healthy But at Dinner,“Hey where’s my meat”

paki man 10

Majority of Pakistani men are fond of eating meat and that’s why most households cook chicken blindly each day because without meat life is incomplete.

6.Married Pakistani Men Appear to be Poor, Helpless Souls, Stripped Off their Freedom

paki man 5

When a group of men are having a discussion and our poor married souls get to give their opinion on marriage they simply claim, shaadi na karna yaaron pachtaogey saari life”.

7. Anger Comes Naturally but Expressing Love is Like Climbing K-2


Raised eyebrows, huffing and puffing, getting red, loud voice is just a regular thing of Pakistani men, but holding hands, looking in the eyes, a gentle smile and the cheesy yet tempting I love you is like moving a mountain for them.

8. Become Very Possessive About their Women In Front of Other Pakistani Men

paki man 1

In a public gathering, any exhibition or when returning from an international flight at the Pakistan Airport and as soon as they set eyes on their own countrymen, there’s a gush of fight and flight hormones which triggers the safe mode for women and in turn they become very conscious of their ladies.

9. You are Expected to Know What They are About to Say Even Before they Say It

Pakistani men want their woman to act like a part of their own brain, so before they ask for tea, they want tea on the table and in a discussion with a relative you are expected to deliver their script.

10.Deep Inside they Believe they Are a Hero

paki man 2

And when they see any woman in trouble, Pakistani men simply know it that they are the hero even if they won’t physically do anything.

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  1. I only have the 12th quality in me…

    About the rest of the things…..will manage them INSHAALLAH after getting married 😛

    Thanks for letting the people know about the woman’s perspective !

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