12 Things That Annoy Pakistani Women


When it comes to the normal, regular lives of Pakistani women, everything is not very normal and smooth. There are many bumps and hurdles that come across Pakistani women when they are doing even the simplest of things.

1. Unexpected Gas load shedding


So you are all set to make biryani, chopped the onions, soaked the rice, prepared the raita and then what… suddenly your burner refuses to cooperate and there you go very low flame.. down goes the biryani and all your efforts.

2. Unexpected Strikes


All prepared for tomorrow, dress decided, what to cook decided everything in your mind according to plan but then the news channels announce around 8 pm that tomorrow everything will remain closed. There you go with all the planning.

3. The Tailor

Either your dress wont be stitched on time or its not what you wanted it to be. Very annoying and a waste of money.

4. Nosy Relatives


Whether you are single or married, relatives always always have to give you some very important suggestions about your physique, your kids, the way you cook, or even what you are wearing.

5. Rubber bands on Yogurt, Milk and Bread

Seriously this one is one of the most annoying ones to me, I must say fresh yogurt supplied in our milk shops tastes superb but the rubber bands that’s tied around the pack of yogurt, milk or bread  is so annoying. You simply cant untie this damn thing.

6. When Your Maid Doesn’t Turn Up


Very very annoying, you save her number make sure she has your number saved, but even then there comes a day when as usual you wake up waiting for the queen to ring the door bell  but then half an hour passes, 2 hours pass and when you call you get an excuse, “Baji meri tabiyat kharab hoagyi” WHATTT…can’t you give me a call before hand.. Very very  pissed off.

7. Matching laces and Matching dupatta

It happens many times you find women in the market of Karachi asking “Iski matching hai” its quite hassle and very annoying.

8. Very Expensive Designer Clothes


Although theres a huge market catering especially Even when you keep a budget of minimum of Rs 5000 to buy a dress and you walk into a designer store, its very hard that you find a complete dress with trousers that fits your range. And then this is the face you make when you look at the price tag.

9.Electricity load shedding

Now almost all houses have backup for load shedding but mostly irons don’t work on  UPS and small generators, so when it comes to get ready and if the light goes out you cant iron your clothes and also your hair.

10. Everyone Wants the Best for You


So if your single, you should get married it’s a beautiful life, divorced you must find someone, its very difficult to live like this; married, why do you compromise so much you must do something for yourself, pregnant don’t climb stairs, don’t enjoy the rain, don’t do this and don’t do that and the list is sooo long you will get surprised.

11. When in a problem Men Are The Heroes


Pakistani women if seen in trouble are an opportunity for men to show their heroic acts.

12. People Judge you Only by Your Dressing

Ok this is a big one!

What Pakistani women, how they carry themselves all of it is a clear picture of what kind of a person they are.

Jeans=modern, shalw ar kameez without dupatta= semi modern, hijab with burqa=religious, hijab on pants=semi religious, shalwar kammez with dupatta= typical.

Nicely done nails with colored hair=rich.
So before you actually say something your portfolio is your dress code and people will judge you before hand.

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  1. so true , I would be annoyed by all of the above. But why not put Paki women not the bollywood ladies , its not that I dont like them but since its us pakis dealing with these dilemma more so than our Indian neighbors

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