7 Big Lies Pakistani Men Tell Their Wives


Lie # 1

Your Weight is O.K


The truth is that you have gained weight. This OK is not just an English abbreviation its got hundreds of explanations to it.

So OK over here means your weight is not fine and you must start doing something about it straight away.

Lie # 2

Find a Maid Then……

This is a very BIG LIE (He’s not serious about it at all). Basically what your hubby is trying to tell you is that you are not capable of doing the work.

After some arguments, a blunt proposition is made that find a maid to help you because you are not capable, not responsible, all you want to do is watch Pakistani Dramas and sleep.

And although most of the women do have help for the basic requirements their endless requests for more help irks the husband and just to get rid of your whining he finally declares OK find a maid.

Lie # 3

What you’re Wearing is Fine, BUT……


Trust me this “BUT” has a long explanation attached to it and you need to look at it closely.

Pakistani Men want their wives to dress according to what is socially acceptable.

So if you are going to some relatives place who are a bit traditional then carrying a dupatta is a must.

This way your hubby will be comfortable and in turn you’ll be happy.

Lie # 4

We’ll Go to Your Moms if You Really Want To


The truth is, “I don’t want to got to your moms,” and I really can’t say much over here because going to your moms place is important, its fine to drag your hubby against his will because this happens maybe once in a week or two.

Lie # 5

You Should Cook Vegetables More Often


Just don’t believe this!

Don’t fall into the health conscious trap at all.

Once you start cooking vegetarian for more than two days a week, your hubby will start getting cranky on the table.

And then statements like, “Bohot dino se biryani nahi khayi”, “Karahi gosht kitne mazay ka hota hai hena?”

So my dear gals cook meat everyday for a happy hubby.

Lie # 6

I’ll Manage….


They just cant do it.

They cannot manage. Or simply they just don’t want to try to manage.

Be it their wardrobes, their morning tea, their files, their phone or even if its calling their own mom.

Everything comes under the efficient management of darling wifey.

Lie # 7

I Wasn’t Reading your Messages I’m Only looking


The truth is they were reading your watsapp, viber and facebook messages with much interest.

This for no reason means that they are stalking on you rather they just want to have a good time and enjoy the gossip that’s going on between you and your buddies.

So if you have nothing to hide, its OK to just ignore this innocent lie and simply laugh over it.


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