A Birthday at McDonald’s; Start of the weekend


Since I’m a mom of a kindergartner and an infant there’s no lying or snuggling late in bed. Everyday I’m up at 6:30 or stretch it to 7:30 in the weekend.

So as they say: Late to bed early to rise makes a woman heavy, don’t know about wealthy and brings dark circles under her eyes.

If you are lucky and have developed the habit of cat nap you can catch up with energy for the rest of the day or drink many cups of tea. As for me I can fall in a deep sleep and become Alice in Wonderland for 15 minutes.

Gibran in the meanwhile is either sliding on his walker or playing in his cot and Kabir is coloring or sitting on me with a book.

My friends envy this bliss capability of mine, girl you just need to practice Inner peace, inner peace!

Multitasking is just a small word for us, we are multi talented, we have split personalities and we can exhibit multiple emotions all at the same time.

We can be completely ready in our chiffon dress to go out, when the little one throws a vomit and the elder one spills juice on the floor and you have to make tea for your hubby, all at the same time.

Then we manage to wash our dress, dry it, iron it and wear it again, change the baby, mop the floor and serve tea and cookies to darling hubby and then pull the nicest smile and not just the smile actually feel that nothing happened.

So we have this encoded DNA, that fix it, even if are responsible for the damage.

First I got the house cleaned by the maid Gosh! I’m so lucky and thankful to my hubby that I have a maid. I read animal encyclopedia to Kabir and Gibran, made breakfast for us which was simple egg sandwiches then by 11 started to cook; Maash ki Daal and Chicken Karahi. By 1 pm everything was ready.

Then we were off to McDonalds for Kabirs classmate’s birthday. The new McDonalds at Seaview is really good, they have a kids party room with great cooling and the play area is big and safe.

The best thing about 4 years old is their pure innocence  and amazing ability to find joy anywhere and in anything. While Kabir and his friends danced and played, I had time to chit chat about lawn of course, hair, kids and the beating heat.

Gibran cried a little as it was his nap time, I gave him the bottle and he dozed off like an angel.

At home Kabir poured down each and every detail of the party to his daddy. Oh yes! BTW McDonalds return gifts are very nice especially the pencil and sharpener is of very good quality and the happy meal toys are one of the best as compared to other food chains.

The kids slept at 8 which means I got time to chill with some delectable left over Nihari from Daily Dubai.

It was definitely a fulfilling Saturday!

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  1. I am going to plan my younger on birthday in sea view McDonald; rather he decided it himself. really looking forward to have pure fun for the little champs over there.

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