Al Bustan Movenpick Lunch Buffet

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Yesterday I happened to stop by Movenpick for some work and then decided to have lunch. But which one to choose?

Movenpick has two very famous restaurants LaMama which is totally authentic Italian and Al-Bustan which is Desi and Continental cuisine.

So when hunger strikes, the minty spicy smell of biryani and dusty smoky flavor of naan only brings relief.

So we entered Al-Bustan around 1:00 pm and to my excitement the interior was totally superb. Something that reminded me of the 60’s in which mirrors on the ceiling were pretty common, and it was so spacious beautiful comfy sofa chairs and very warm welcoming waiters.

I was happy to find that the lunch buffet was just on and there were was a huge variety of dishes to choose from. We quickly settled in and were ready to eat.

The first thing that I tried was tom yum soup which was very appetizing, then I had crab fried rice with tom yum special beef,with sauteed vegetables, and roasted lamb. All was good except for the crab fried rice which had the strong smell of crab and I believe this is a common thing with any crab item. Some people like it and some don’t.

Then it was time for desi OMG What a taste!

Mutton biryani tasted just perfect with the perfect blend of flavors and it wasn’t very spicy but tasted superb.

I tried Hyderabadi mutton quorma for the first time and it got me floored, meat as tender as butter, with pickled spices bathing the meat in a perfect blend and guess what you can order whole chakki atta roti which is high in fibre and healthier as compared to fine atta roti. Ohhh the absolute heavenly taste of mutton quorma with fresh roti  was like a piece of heaven in your mouth.

But this wasnt it…..

When I laid my hands on Bhindi ka salan. What a stunner!

The best bhindi I ever had, it was soooo delicous that only bhindi alone could satisfy your hunger for taste.

The assorted salads, the cold bar, everything was fresh, scrumptious and totally worth it.

Next comes desserts, from the very traditional garma garam gulab jamun, to the very creamy blueberry cheese cake, every item had its unique flavor.

I definitely recommend Al-Bustan to people who are interested in buffet with ambiance and quality!


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