Best Face Wash for Normal Skin in Karachi’s Weather

If you have a normal regular skin like mine, that gets slightly oily in summers and dry in winters, then finding an all rounder face wash that fits in all seasons of Karachi can be quite a hassle.

Keep in mind broadly there are two basic kinds of face washes;

1. Soap free

2.Oil free

If your skin is dry you will choose a soap free face wash and if you have mild to extreme oily skin you will go for an oil free face wash.

But usually the problem arises with the people or especially women who have normal skin.

Because many times a 100% soap free face wash leaves the skin oily and dull and it doe sent give a fresh feel and if we go for a 100% oil free face wash, then this makes our skin feel very dry, chapped and tight. There is no soft glowing feeling.

And that’s the main reason women with normal skin type are seen switching face washes in summers and winters.

But for us living in Karachi choosing the perfect face wash is quite a challenge.

  • Karachi has a high level of humidity
  • Karachi has high level of air pollution
  • Temperatures are extreme in Summers
  • You need to take extra care of your skin if living near the sea

Basically the best face wash for a normal skin in Karachi’s weather should exfoliate, rehydrate, antioxidate, cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin.

After trying out many different brands of face washes, I’ve short listed the following ones as the best face washes for normal skin in Karachi’s Weather.

1. Ponds White Beauty Face Wash


Currently  I’m using this one and it has outstanding results. From summers to winters I’m using ponds white beauty face wash at least 2 times a day.

Each time I wash my face with Ponds white beauty face wash, I feel fresh, my skin doesn’t get sun burnt and it always cleanses any dirt or makeup.

I recommend this face wash to every girl in Karachi with normal skin.

The price is very affordable, the standard package price for 100g face wash is Rs. 232 + tax. And I buy it for Rs 242 from Haji store in DHA.

Ponds products are found in almost all areas of Karachi.

2.Olay Natural White Face Wash


I’ve used Olay Natural White Face Wash for four years and it also has outstanding results.

This face wash makes my skin look younger, fresh and glowing.

My fair complexion is pretty much saved in Karachi’s heat because of Olay Natural White Face Wash.

As compared to Ponds White Beauty Face Olay face wash is a bit pricey.

A 100 ml tube standard price is Rs. 360+tax and you will get different prices from different stores in Karachi.

If you buy it from Hyperstar then it will be around Rs 400 but if you buy it from your neighborhood retail store it will be around Rs390.

3.Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser


This is also one of the best face wash especially when you are living in  a city like Karachi, where there is much pollution and humidity.

By the end of the day the skin literally feels like a mud cake, so Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser actually does a quick deep cleansing.

However I wont recommend using this one on a daily basis because excessive use leaves the skin dry, but occasionally when you wish to wash off makeup or when you’ve come home from Sunday bazaar, this Clinique Face Wash can do wonders.

The price of a 5 fl Oz clinique Rinse off Foaming Cleanser is around $20 which is Rs 2000.

Clinique products are expensive but its totally worth it.

Clinique products are available in Aghas Supermarket in Clifton and EBCO supermarket which is in Forum Shopping Mall in Clifton.


1. Drink plenty of water.

2. Always remove makeup and wash your face before going to sleep.

3. Always apply a sun block before going out in the sun.

4. Don’t take stress, stress affects your skin and over all health.



Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

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