Best Places to Buy Fish in Karachi

Karachi being the port city of Pakistan, and surrounded by the Arabian Sea is a thriving habitat of an enormous and a variety of sea life.

The Port of Karachi is one of South Asia’s largest and busiest deep sea water port.

But despite being blessed dwellers of this beautiful city; Karachi; which is the largest producer of fishery in Pakistan, Sea food is not a part of our staple diet and fish is considered a mere luxury.

And that is why people eat it seldom and somehow many people have this concept that we get fresh fish only in winters and its then when its healthier to eat.

Totally Wrong!

Karachi sea food is of top class quality and its a part of our resource and we should own it, buy it, and cook it everyday in our homes.

Lets not deprive ourselves from this beautiful and healthy form of protein which is totally homegrown and coming from our own waters.

The best places to buy fish in Karachi:-

1.Karachi Port


This is the original source of fish not only in Karachi but 90% of fish in Pakistan is exported from here.

Better choose early mornings to go there and you can buy fish in wholesale rates directly from the fisherman.

2.Empress Market

This is in Saddar, down town of Karachi. Empress market is one of the oldest markets of Karachi of the British Raj times.

red snapper
Red Snapper our local fish of deep waters.


It  is still one of the most popular and busy markets of Karachi. There are many fish suppliers here and you can find good rates here.

3. Punjab Colony

Located near Defence, Punjab Colony has one of the best, affordable and huge variety of different kinds of sea food.

I personally buy fish from here and each time its very fresh and tasty.

Bay Clam a delicacy of our own sea


*But always be vigilant when you buy fish from here because some of the fish mongers can be tricky in weighing the meat.

4. Korangi Fish Harbors

Compared to Punjab Colony, fish here is  more economical because its closer to the port.

Red Lobster a very profitable fishery


5. Moosa Colony

This area is located near Karimabad and it is one of the prominent fish markets of Karachi.

6. Hyperstar, Dolmen City

For those who simply want to buy fish easy way then Hyperstar, Dolmen City is the place to be.

Prawn, squids, tuna, pomfret you name it they have it. But the price range has a difference of Rs200- 300 as compared to other places.


Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

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    2. This must be Pengasis, the cheapest fish available in the market. Personally, I keep away from this variety as it looks ‘foshy’! Instead buy fresh sea-fish available from the places mentioned in this post. It might be a bit expensive but worth it.

    3. You said this this boneless fish fillet is 2 kg price 660/Rs with free delivery in karachi but i ask u one thing which is the name of pure and fresh finger fish fillet which is boneless and skinless?.Is it canned or frozen packet?

  1. Useful information about fish markets.You forget to mention Soldier Bazar, Lea Market and Ranchore Lines Market where on can find good and fresh seafood.

  2. Hi I only have fish and chicken but I have been informed to have only salmon or farm fish but being a working woman I don’t have time to shop around so please guide on home delivery services, thanks

  3. Dear mother of two boys, as I Am a father if two boys, MA!. I read all ur infoz, pretty good to see u know well abt many things. Anyhow here I wud lyk u to tell me some more places for birthday party, what abt celebrating at port grand… ?

    1. Hi there,
      Port Grand is another good idea too for celebrating birthdays but it also depends on the age group of children, if its kids of age 10 years and older then they can do the boat rides, enjoy the activities that are conducted there and eat in a nice restaurant.

      But if the kids are of younger age then Port Grand can be overwhelming.
      Do share your experience of how it was celebrating a birthday party in Port Grand.

  4. Hello, hi. My name is Sofia. I’m a Malaysian currently residing in Karachi. I was searching for the best place to buy fish and saw your blog. By the way, I hv some enquiries, I live in Baloch Colony,can you suggest me which fish market is near to my place? I prefer it to be a fresh fish market everyday. I’ve been craving for a good fish since I’m here however I can only get not so good kind of fish from sellers around this area. As a Malaysian,we eat seafood a lot. Can you suggest me also the place that sells seafood such as cockles ( shells family) ? I really appreciate your reply as my family here doesn’t eat seafood at all. Waiting for your favourable reply. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Sofia,
      Welcome to Karachi. If you are living in Baloch Colony, then the first thing that you can do is look for local vendors selling fish in the near by market.
      You can buy fish from Punjab colony and also if you are looking for some exotic fish then making an effort to going to Karachi Port will be worth it. Also you can buy clean and fresh fish from Hyperstar.
      Hope this helps and do let me know if you were able to buy fish from another place.
      Thanks and take care

        CELL NO:0331-3025493
        Best Regards,
        A-A Fisher

    2. Waterpump, Federal B Area has a good fish market. Quite a few vendors sell there deep water fish and prawn. Reasonable price. Excellent services – cleaning and making desired pieces fillet and fingers.

    3. Hi Sofia,
      Welcome to Karachi. I am offering the freshest and the cleanest fish in town direct from the boats to your doorstep. Besides, it’s completely hassle-free as you won’t need to spend hours cleaning the seafood. We offer cleaned and hygienically packed, ready to cook fish.

      Should you feel interested, call, Whatsapp or inbox on 0343-3045934. I would love to hear from you.

  5. Hi,
    I am from UAE currently residing in Karachi.
    I want to inquire about Salmon fish and broccoli.

    Can you tell from where I can get it?

  6. We are a new company eager to expand our business,, we are dealing in all sort of seafood but have prior focus on Prawns and Poplets including all other fish types! We work with quality as a our first priority, so can assure the freshness! We are dealing on all the levels from 5kg to 100kg or more depending up on the requirement. one needs to order two days earlier as we work according to the requirement that is completely fresh food! Kindly let us know if anyone interested. contact: 03202020670 “K SEAFOODs”


    CELL NO:0331-3025493

    Best Regards,
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  8. Thank you for such a nice post. It always surprised me also that although we Karachiites are the residents of a port cirt, seafood is not part of our routine diet. Maybe because of the fact that most of the residents are the descendent of people from Northern Inida (UP, etc) which is landlocked. From last few years, I have been focusing on buying fresh seafood, especially to feed to my two little kids with this healthy diet.

    Based on my experience, I would also like to add my two cents:
    1) Fresh fish corners in Metro and Imtiaz are also good options to buy authentic fresh fish, in addition to the Hyperstar, especially if one is willing to pay extra bucks for convenience.
    2) I avoid frozen fish, which is cheap and convenient. Frozen fish is mostly Pengasis which is not health in my opinion. Instead, I always buy fresh fish.
    3) I also avoid freshwater fish abundantly available around Karachi, unless I know for sure that they come from natural habitats, because most of the freshwater fish available in Karachi is mass produced in those countless ponds around Gharo and are not fed with the quality material.

    1. Hi

      How can you tell wether it’s a fresh water fish, from a fish pond or sea water fish or from river? Any clue?



  10. Arabian Sea Fresh Fish, Karachi
    Sell : Finger Fish Made from Dhandiya, Mushka, Ghisser (Chalkay Wali) Boneless, Clean, Fresh, Healthy, & Testy at reasonable price of
    Rs. 250/- per Kg Free delivery on order of 5 Kgs and above.

    All Sea Fishes like Dhohter, Heera, Kund, Mushka, Lady Fish, Surmai, Paapplet, Dangri, etc., available on order.

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  11. Fishery is hub of all fresh fish market.. I personally know many fishers (Mallah) who catch white pomfret, Sole, Dhanti, King Fish and prawns and crabs. They call me when their fresh stock is arriving from Jati_Shah Bandar. These fishes are caught in nallas near Pak_India Border and here i have seen White pomfret of small sizes. Those big Pomfret (Usually each of at least 1 Kg) are exported.. and you wont find it in Karachi.
    the mentioned places are not close to what Fishers stock usually bring from Jati areas. Imtiaz, Hyperstar and Punjab Chowrangi fishes are not not worth of being tasted..

      1. I personally don’t have any numbers of fish mongers, however if you do some survey online I’m sure you can get in touch with some wholesalers.

  12. I am very fond of sea food. Hence have experienced purchasing fish in many cities like London, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Dhaka and of course nearer home Abu Dhabi,, Dubai and Sharjah, each place one enjoys the experience of visiting the fish market.
    Regrettably, Karachi has the worst outlets, the vendors are not trained to deliver the desired results and the market is filthy, always a nightmare to visit.

    1. Hi Shahbaz,

      I totally agree with you. It’s very unfortunate, that although Karachi is a port city there is not a single properly built fish market like the rest of the cities that you have mentioned. However, if you go to Hyperstar in Dolmen Mall, Clifton you can get fresh fish and the mongers are a bit experienced and will deliver good cuts if you explain to them. I did get Blue crabs from there and they tasted super nice.

  13. I visited a new retail outlet of Seafood and meat mutton products in Defence Khayaban e Rahat near Mr Burger. Prices were reasonable and they have built a good ambiance. guys are very friendly . Waiting for September for a fully loaded displays.

    1. @ Zahra, Yes I have been to this outlet twice. “Fisher Butcher” is the name.
      I bought hamour (Reef cod ) and was superb. Soft and delicious. Plus, they do have red meat products as well and fresh (nothing frozen).

      pasting the number from flyer they gave : 0333-0217021.
      P.S. Names of fishes are in Chinese language as well on flyer.

  14. I m saeed yousuf from ajwa caters i required wholesaler of fresh sea food suplies.who can deliver freah sea food daily. Basis.

  15. I think very hard to find fresh fish, even fishery also sale one or two weeks icy fish. I have tried fish from
    every where, if any one knows where I can buy dangry or dother fish real fresh, please let me know

  16. I bought Indian Salman (kala ranwas is the local name) from saddar fish market located in front of Parking Plaza saddar. This is one of the best fish I have ever tasted in karachi. Rates are a bit high as compared to fishery. Mongers are better trained in fish cutting as compared to Imtiaz, Metro, Punjab Colony etc.

  17. Hi Kiran,

    Really wonderful idea and write about the city, I really enjoy it. But please write about eating some fish shops or place withing the city and cab be affordable not like Hassan Square area or Do Darya, write some good place with friends to go some wonderful area. anyway, take care and do not forget write for the people of the city that we don’t know much about traveling in the train, last days we travel to Lahore and purchased some 6-7 tickets from Shalimar Express, when we were in train we found some stupid things happens to us….with ladies we got each seat near windows and on passage way and single seat like 6 seat and front there single seat ….we got that….it was a horrible journey for us… all open and ladies with could not get sleep………the stupid things happen to us……….every one was saying during the purchase you need to say or booked ticket for family seat……..that I just forgot……please write some thing about travel to Hunza or Northern site of Pakistan from Karachi.

    1. Sure I will keep that in mind:) Also there is a post about Kashmir Trip, and you will get some useful information from it, which I’ sure would be helpful even for a trip to Hunza and other northern areas of Pakistan.


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  19. Hey
    I’m new to karachi and dnt knw many places.. kindly tell me how can i buy good quality fish online if possible

  20. Ao dear al readers
    I wish to start business of fishery
    I need info how to start from where and which quality I have to start with how much worth


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