Best Schools in Karachi


Karachi is one of the largest cities of Pakistan, the metropolitan center and the economic hub of the country.

With so much on its shoulder, it can be quite difficult to decide which one is among  the best schools in Karachi.

With a school in each corner of a locality, best schools in Karachi are not many in number but they basically serve a very high standard of education and their names are below:-

Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S)

This institution is one of the oldest school and ranks at the top among the best schools in Karachi and South Asia with a history and a legacy.

If you are in a power position (if your decisions affect a number of people) then the chances are high, your kids will get an admission in this school.

Address: Kheyaban-e-Saadi, Karachi 75600, Pakistan
Phone: +92 21 35821703

Haque Academy

Mrs. Haque established her preschool in 1977 and since then Haque’s Nursery has been climbing up with leaps and bounds. My personal experience with this school is overwhelming.

Haque Academy has an excellent building, with big playgrounds, the interiors of the classes is absolutely amazing.haque2

They have experienced teachers. They have a friendly parent teacher relationship and above all students are having fun in learning.

Parents are very satisfied with this institution and list it among the best schools in Karachi.

Address: 208-A 32nd Street, Phase VIII, DHA, Karachi.
Phone: 3 525 1511-3

Center of Advanced Studies ( C.A.S)

Their teaching module is very diverse and they offer many foreign languages (German/Spanish/French) and community service as part of the Program of Studies. logo

Address: 205 Saba Avenue, DHA Phase 8, Karachi
Phone : (92-21) 3525-1491 to 93


British Overseas School (B.O.S)

The British Overseas School aims to be recognized internationally as a leader in the provision of modern, high quality UK education.   British-Overseas-School-BOS-Karachi-Sindh-Pakistan

Address: AL 7/8 14th Lane Phase 7 Off Khayaban-e-Hilal DHA
Phone:  (+9221) 111 267 267 (111 BOS BOS)


Karachi American School (K.A.S)

The only authentic American Curriculum based school in Karachi. It’s also one of the most expensive school in Karachi, kex

Address: Amir Khusro road, KDA scheme #1

Phone: 92-21-3453-9096/9



Other Schools that are listed among the best schools in Karachi are:-

  • Froebel Education Centre
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Links
  • Bay View Academy

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I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.


  1. Do you have information about karachi school offering north american or Canadian system other than Karachi American school…is there any school in defence be name defence American school ?

    • Kiran Kanwal on

      About Defence American School I am not aware of that. But there is a Karachi American School in Defence.

  2. Hi Kiran
    How’s origins school?
    Does it comes in top 10 school of khi n Pls guide me that links is good,origins is better or Froebels education centre?
    Hope u reply me Asap!

    • Hi Hina,
      As far as I know by sources is that Origins and Froebels both are very good schools and yes they also count in among the top schools in Karachi, since they are also producing very good students.
      But when it comes to me guiding you to select the best choice among Links, Froebels, or Origins I think only you can make the best decision, by surveying the schools, talking to the principal, scrutinizing their curriculum and extra curricular programs and most importantly the fee structure.
      So whatever best fits your criteria. Go for it!
      Hope this helps,

      • But according to my sources they tell me that Origins is very good when it comes to primary schooling but its not very good for higher schooling, however Froebels is very good for higher schooling and Links is too.

  3. Every site is copy pasting these schools in order. Pls mention schools in other part of the city by ranking and parents having their experiences.

    Its a sadaqa e jaria. Pls contribute.

  4. I’m a froebelians’ parent..I agree with the opinion that kindergarten part of fec isn’t very inspiring but the junior and senior section is no doubt very nice and effective…no doubt one of the leading schools in karachi..having very experienced and impressive teachers

  5. My son is in generations school grade 1 since i m shifting to malir cantt i want to admit him in gud school which shuld be best n ofcourse reasonable.can u suggest plz

  6. Hi,
    I’ve just migrated here and very much in trouble regarding school admissions . All schools addmissions are closed . My kids used to go American international school & were in MYP &
    PYP ( middle &a primary year programs of IB ) respectively. Urgently need guidance plzz….
    How’s the international school and it’s credibility .

  7. Dr sarwat Mirza on

    Plz guide me for a good school.
    My son 11 yrs of age studying in LAS in Lahore
    Wants to know abt good school in Karachi accept American school
    Waiting desperately
    Dr Mirza

  8. Hi,
    I heard there is a drug problem in Pakistani schools, esp the ones that offer “O” & “A” level curriculum.
    Is my recently acquired information true and how can a parent recognize which school is affected by this plague in order to avoid it.
    Another thing I want to ask is are the best schools here overrated or overpriced ?

  9. Hi ladies , I want to know that is it easy to get admission in American international school and Karachi grammar school.. I live in dammam (saudia Arabia ) my son is studying in ISG DAMMAM school American curriculum school .. I might move to Karachi .. So worried about good schools and admission in Karachi .. Kindly guide me .. Thank you ..

  10. samina farooq on

    My daughter is 12yer I want change her school from city school to any other pl give me any sujjestion

  11. Salam to all my daughter is 3 years old and I m looking for her a good school at Clifton or in defence with fee structure around 6k to 10k which I can afford kindly guide me I am very thankful to you all

  12. Hi Kiran,
    What is view about Springfeild and Jaffar Public school, if my son gets admission in both of these than which one to prefer.

  13. The School you mention British Overseas School (B.O.S) and Karachi American School (K.A.S) are the two worst school in Karachi, students in these schools are rug rats, and most misbehaved ‘WANNA BE”

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