How to Choose a Good School in Karachi


Choosing a good school in Karachi for your child can be quite overwhelming for reasons  like top level security, authentic licensed schools and very important the area of the school.

Karachi is a huge city with a population of 2 crores and every corner of the street has a school with a significant strength of children.

So how do you know which one is a good school?

And every social class has a school that fits in its budget.

What to Look for in a Good School

1. Schools that Operate as ONE; not as a Franchise

There are many schools in Karachi that have up to 20-25 branches. (I won’t name them but you know the ones I’m pointing out.)

Any business man who can tap profit in the education market can rent out a bungalow and adopt the franchise.

The biggest problem with these franchise based schools is that they lack a permanent faculty, teachers come and go and they usually hire the ones who are willing to work on a low payroll.

However there are some branches of these schools which are under the management of the actual owners of the franchise.

Such branches have a better reputation, comparatively, and they maintain good standards.

2. The School Building

A well designed school building provides facilities that serves all basic purposes. A good school building raises the spirits and aspirations of the students and teachers.

An improper designed school building directly affects the students and teachers health. Pupil concentration, energy levels and mood are influenced by basic environmental factors such as natural light, air quality,noise,  and temperature.

The school building is the foundation of the infrastructure of the school.

3. Playground is A Must

Don’t overlook this element.Your children spend  half of the day in school, where a ground is very essential for physical training.

Fresh air, greenery and space to stretch your legs is very important for development and motivation.

Children who do physical training not only are healthier but also perform better academically.

4.Location, Location, Location

In a city like Karachi with so many uncertainties one definitely can’t afford to suffer the pain of sudden strikes,petrol strikes, long traffic jams with your children stuck far away from you.

A maximum distance of 15 minutes by car is fair enough for your peace of mind.

And bonus if the school is by walking distance.

5. Fee Structure

Good schools in Karachi have fees ranging from Rs.5,000 per month, and it goes up to to Rs.100K per month.

Every socioeconomic class does have a good school within its reach.

But if you have the desire of sending your child to a very expensive, elite school then do consider additional costs. Because its not just the school fees  you pay, but after school programs, get togethers, foreign trips arranged by the school all cost money.

Note: Its not necessary that a very  expensive school will guarantee good results and a low to medium range school will perform poorly.

So always plan out your budget accordingly.

6. Security

Also consider security when you are looking for a school.

Main road entrance is not very safe and how proactive are the security guards and there must not be any trespassing in the school property.

CCTV cameras, armed security guards, screening of outsiders coming to school all are good security measures.

7. Follow Your Instincts

You have to physically go and search for good schools in Karachi yourself. Talk to teachers, meet the principal, check out the toilets and clear any queries.

Don’t set your mind on for, more the mouths the chances are the better it will be.

Your friends, and family are sending their children to school and that’s how they see it.  Don’t let them decide.

Your own analysis and thoughts should matter most and so if you feel certain about a school, no matter what others think, then you did find a good school in Karachi for your child.

Some Important Tips:-

  • Dropping and picking up your child yourself is much better then sending him by bus or van. Its more secure.
  •  Be acquainted with the school staff and maintain a healthy relationship with your child’s teacher.
  • In case of Karachi unrest days its better to keep you children at home.

About Author

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.


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  2. I am planning to move to Karachi from Toronto. My kids are in grade 7, 5n& 1. Really concerned about kids adjusting with different teaching style & curriculum. I will really appreciate your advise.

    • Salam Muhammad,
      You have the same situation as one of my friend who moved to Karachi from Toronto and her 2 boys were approx the same age. Haque Academy is a pretty good school in terms of adjusting kids with a Canadian/American Academia.
      You can also survey other schools which are listed in my school posts to find out more.

    • Ahsan Sb, I would suggest, please don’t come to Karachi, here schools are big business for looting the parents in different categories and standard of education is not good as well and lots of issues we are facing in Karachi, like water issues, light issues, dirty behavior of people etc, here is no one who can listen your voice.

  3. Can you please tell me about asmas Montessori? my baby has got admission there but I live in malir cantt and it is in defence we don’t have good montessories in nearby vicinity, can u please tell me if asmas standard is that much good that I shoukd send my child there so far?

  4. I am planning to move to Karachi and thinking if Beaconhouse School System is good school for my son to start with. Could you please advise if Beaconhouse School PECHS III is good for him to start pre-nursery?

    Any reconmmendation for other schools will be appreciated.

  5. My child has been offered admission in both nixor olevels and bay view academy Clifton. Can you please assist what should I choose?

  6. Actually I was confused because bay view academy is considered one best school in Karachi whereas nixor o level is still too young. Don’t know how it is academically. (However nixor a levels is renowned but it’s a different campus altogether)

    • Hi Nagina,
      I believe the best answer regarding Bahria college would be given by parents whose children have passed out from there or are already going to Bahria. You daughters admission to college is a big step so you must go through the details of any listed college thoroughly.

  7. Hello, we are planning to move from Pakistan to UK, but it will take 1.5 year, right now my daughter is 2.6 years old and studying in CAT Montessori, i need to ask you please suggest me in which school or academy i enroll her for her English fluency otherwise she has to suffer in UK schools…

    • Hi Maha,
      Honestly, you really don’t need to worry about your daughter’s English fluency. Since she is so small she will pick up the language faster than you. Little children have the potential to learn many languages owing to their fast growing neurons.
      So you can simply chill and in my opinion, you can focus on teaching her Urdu from now because once you move to England, English will be learned automatically but Urdu might be a struggle.

  8. Kiran

    I’d really appreciate if you’d also pls recommend/suggest a good school for my 11 yr old son (class-6) who could learn and develop a fluency in Eng language particularly. Honestly speaking, I belong to almost an upper-middle class; so budget to me is equally pretty much important too (so pls don’t suggest Beaconhouse, City School, etc). I am currently residing near the DUHS, DOW Hospital Ojha Campus, so any nice English-medium, not-too-expensive (monthly fees not more than 10k max) school situated nearby, would be my best preference/choice.

    Looking fwd to hear from you soon pls.


    (A Desperate Father)

    • Kiran Kanwal on

      Hi Faraz,
      Depending on your location, it would be best if you short list the best schools in your area. So until you tell me where you live, I cannot name the schools.

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