Cosmopolitan: Amazing Interior and Sumptuous Food

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I am a breakfast person. Wake up early in the morning, eat to your fill, top it with hot tea or coffee.

This week my friends and I decided to go to Cosmopolitan for breakfast.

Cosmopolitan Cafe Karachi

Earlier they were not serving breakfast but I guess adapting to the changing trend of Karachi life, people are now waking up early and want a hearty breakfast.

So coming back to Cosmopolitan. They totally nailed it with their location. One of the best street of Karachi, E street. Its beautiful, happening, trendy and up scale.

A 10/10 for the interior, its spacious, beautiful decor, outdoor sitting is very earthy and green.

But not recommended to sit outside in the morning as it gets very hot.

We were welcomed by smiling waiters, and I totally loved the interior.

C0smopolitan Cafe Map.

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