Ensemble Salon: Simply Love It for Their Deals!


You are always welcomed there!
Friendly staff, pleasant environment, and amazing deals.
Must give it a try.

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One thing that we all want from a service  providing business is Client Satisfaction or simply put it this way, “We all want to walk out of a salon feeling beautiful and satisfied.”

Karachi is huge city and there are hundreds of salons here, from the very low standard and unhygienic beauty parlors to the highly advanced, spick and span, shining, pricey salons and spas.

Every woman visits her salon according to her pocket size and is either happy or unsatisfied.

As I am living in Defence, most of the salons here are notable and usually have a good reputation.

From Allenora to Toni & Guy to Ensemble Salon I’ve been to all, but lately I’ve laid my hands on Ensemble Salon.

Although distance doesn’t matter when you have a driver to drive you around, but still if some place is closer to you then its always a plus.

Ensemble Salon being located on one of the poshest streets of Karachi is one of the best salons here.

The best thing I like about it, is their excellent customer service, they are not snobs at all and always welcome every new customer with much warmth and respect.

All their staff is always smiling and they don’t make customers wait for long.

Since I usually do my makeup myself and don’t usually go to salons for makeup I cant give any comments about how well their makeup is.

However I have got my entire hair colored with highlights and low lights from there and I was very much happy with that.

And besides their hair color, costs are less as compared to Tony and Guy, I can tell you that because I also got my hair colored from Tony and Guy once but wasn’t satisfied at all.And  they charged much much more.

For the past one year I simply close my eyes and go to Ensemble Salon for all other services.

And also recommend it to others.

Ensemble Salon Deals

But one of the most amazing thing about Ensemble Salon is their “Deals”

Very affordable, and almost a like a complete package for your day, one cant help availing the deals.

I will attach their facebook page here and you can get all the details here:-


C-32 E street, Blk 4 Clifton.
Monday – Friday: 9 am to 8 pm
Saturday: 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday: 1 pm to 8 pm
For appointments: 021-35821613, 0300-8245607



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