From “Everyday Milk Powder” to “Olpers” and finally to the “Doodhwala.” A Healthy Journey of My Cup of Tea


The people of Pakistan are without any doubt tea addicts, I have met people from different countries but I don’t know what’s with us, we can have tea anytime and many times.

But tea for us is not just boiling tea leaves; it’s a lot more than that. Our tea means tea added with milk and sugar.

It’s a complete package!

My Love for Tea

Since I am a Pakistani as well tea addiction is my weakness too. I can have more than 3 cups, if I desire.

Now for the last 8 years our tea was made with everyday milk powder. Can’t deny, tea with everyday tasted absolutely complete and satisfying.

But more than the energy kick and a digestive feeling one craves for after having a cup of tea, this tea wasn’t doing it.

I would get more of a full feeling rather than a lighter feeling and usually the flavor of tea was overpowered with the components of milk powder.

And also the price; in the beginning it was for around Rs. 300 per kilo pack and now it’s around Rs.560. And if your family is a tea lover then this milk powder will cost your pocket.
But price is not the only matter of concern, what we eat or drink must be healthy.

Any milk powder served for the purpose of tea has sugar in it.
So basically you are consuming hidden sugars plus the sugar added in your tea cup. So there’s way too much sugar in your regular cup of tea.

Then why feel guilty over your cup of tea.

Then I finally decided to break my 8 year old routine.

But then which milk to use?

Of course the other alternative is tetra pack milk.
We use Olpers milk and Olpers ghee and so far these products are pretty much up to the mark.

Kabir is fond of Olpers milk and I make most of my desserts using it.
But when it came to tea…

It was hard to accept tea with Olpers milk in the beginning, tea was much lighter and less sweeter. But after some 6 cups of tea we did get used to it.
Everything was going fine with my cup of tea when once I was invited to a friend’s place for tea.

Tea there was totally amazing!

Then just as in a glamorous T.V commercials I asked her, “Tea is so good but which milk is in it?”

She said its “khulla doodh.”

Khulla doodh did that even exist?

I just couldn’t remember when the last time I had “khulla doodh”

Khulla doodh or fresh milk has way far too many benefits

Its only pasteurized not UHT treated therefore many essential nutrients of milk are retained.

You get fresh malai or cream.

My family is very fond of cream so there is nothing more healthier than fresh cream. I give malai, honey and paratha to Kabir and he is very fond of it.

So after trying out some milk shops in the vicinity,  I pinned it on Mubrook milk shop and Ambala milk shop.

And yes now our tea is perfect just the way it should be! 🙂

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