How to Get Admission in Best Schools in Karachi

Karachi is the metropolitan city of Pakistan and it has a long history of producing some of the most talented and successful students of Pakistan.

With the oldest school established in 1847 and holding the honor of having the second oldest school in South Asia, best schools in Karachi hold quite a standard.

Now a days its not only 2-3 schools that are considered best schools in Karachi instead there are many more schools that have an excellent and properly maintained school building with spacious play grounds, certified trained staff, a good history, and are up to date with all the modern and recent academic curriculum.

So now parents don’t have to worry over competition rather focus on selection.

List out the best schools in Karachi that fall under your choice and start preparing for the admission.


1.Apply in More than 5 Best Schools in Karachi


Since there always some chances of getting rejected from the best schools in Karachi, its recommended to apply in more than 5 best schools in Karachi.

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2. Dates are Very Important

important dates

Give calls to best schools in Karachi  and the first thing they will ask you is ,”Whats your child’s birth date?”

  •  Birth Date

Your child’s birth date will lead his future.

If your child was born before July he will be in different class and if after July it will be a different class.
So plan a year ahead and if now your child is one year right now  I am sorry to say you are already late.

  • Registration Date

All schools have a registration date and you have to register your child on that date.

So be very vigilant about these dates. Stay updated from the schools websites.

 Registration fee

While some schools charge Rs 2000 for the registration, Karachi Grammar School registration is free, and other schools such as British Overseas School charge Rs. 40,000(non-refundable)

Documents required for Registration

  • Child birth certificate
  • NIC copies of both parents
  • A family photograph
  • Some schools also ask for the vaccination record
  • School leaving certificate of previous institution

Completing the Registration Form

Always take a pen with you.

Read the form thoroughly and fill it in correct English, the writing should be neat without grammatical errors.

Write honestly about your occupation.

Always give accurate information.

What are the best schools in Karachi looking for?


Once you get a call or a message from the school for the interview, start preparing.

Preparing for the Interview

Best schools in Karachi want children from well educated families to be a part of them. This maintains their standards and decorum.

The interviewer is smart enough to judge you by your conversation and can easily pin point if you are pretending to be someone you are not.

Also its best that you don’t pressurize your child about performing perfectly in the interview rather keep him calm and just prepare him for the basic academic requirements according to the class.


3.What to Wear in the Interview

Wear simple, comfortable clothes, nothing too flashy and not over the top. Your clothes should reflect your seriousness towards the interview and your child not your desperation.

4.Your Attitude matters

Be honest, and please don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not.
Be confident but definitely not OVER CONFIDENT.

A gentle smile, a firm handshake, eye to eye contact and clear, concise answers impress everyone.

5.Common Questions in a School Interview

What do you do?(more questions related to your profession).
Why did you choose this school?
How much time do you spend with your child?
Do you live in a joint family or a nuclear family.

Are there siblings in the school?



decisionChildren whose siblings  are already attending the school are given admission easily.

And if you are a stake holder, Bank CEO,Government officer the chances are high your child will get admission easily.

Then once you are done with the interview don’t be too hopeful for a positive response because there are chances that you might be rejected.

But then there is always another good school lined up and you can always apply there.



Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

22 thoughts on “How to Get Admission in Best Schools in Karachi”

  1. There’s even a better way find out who the head is and give them rishwat thats what one friend of mine did when he got kicked out of KGS and then got into Lyceum

  2. Asalam u alikum
    Nice blog
    I’m planing to move to khi
    Can u plz guide me about schols in mid range fee n also best
    With good n disciplined atmosphere

    1. Salam Aisha,

      Karachi is a BIG city! And there are like thousands of schools here, with varying tuition fees range, so my first recommendation is when looking for a school try to select a school which is close to your home. And then you can list down all the schools nearby and select the one which is most appropriate for your kid.


  3. Hi my son is 19 months old , last year I hv moved to Pakistan, Karachi , I am Japanese and since January this year I’m trying to get registered my son in a good Montessori.
    So I went to Preeschool plus they didn’t even open the door they said your son is not eligible because he is cross the admission age our registration age is 0 to 3 months
    Then I went to Bay view thank god they let us in because that was the admission day so filled the form and submitted , then I got the interview date but unfortunately that day was my Son operation day at Agha Khan hospital so I called them and asked them to give me another date but they simply refused they are so cruel only money making schools they don’t care I just hate this system i hate preschool plus I hate Bay view so pls do not go there they are not good schools

  4. as salam o likum which school is best in jamshed town or saddar town karachi with reasonable tution fees???

  5. My baby girl is just 13months old and i am very much concerned about her future so please do telme which is the best school in karachi

  6. you should get an admission your baby in MAMA parsi, army public school , programmer, generation and dawood public school

  7. Can some one please guide me test preparation for my 4 years baby for mama parsi? What type of written and oral test they conduct?

  8. Salam I m mum of four children 3 children are school going but my one baby is 2 year old I want to chang school of my thrre kids so I want to ask which school is best near safora choringi I can’t pay high fees

  9. Assalam o alekum. Mam plz help me to get my little one admission in good school I m very very confused I can’t select best school for my kid . He passed admission test in nasra school and I have paid fee in this school but m not satisfied plz help me n early reply plz m waiting

  10. Asalam o alikum

    I’m planing to move Khi after two month please advise about good school near gulshan e iqbal for primery n secondry


  11. Asalam o alikum
    i’m planning to move from UK to Karachi i have 3 kids 8 years and 4 years. 2 years . please help me out which best school in North Nazimabad area. for primary
    many thanks

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