Gon Pacci Karachi: A true Crème brulee experience


One year back I was totally into French food and honestly it is one of the most exquisite cuisine, I’ve ever tasted. I watched Julia and Julia then, I got Julia Child’s recipe book; from there my love for French food grow stronger. I was watching videos and walah!

I cooked Sole menuire, French tart, flan, roast chicken, and crème brulee.
But I wanted more, so one day Ali and I decided to go out for dinner. We wanted something new and something that offered a little bit of French.

Gon Pacci is pretty close to our house, located in khayabane Shahbaz DHA.
The restaurant has a very nice subtle and fine dining kind of experience. I really like interior especially the wood work and the comfy huge sofas which were such a luxury in pregnancy.

We ordered the typical T- bone steak, which was very good and since I’m a total fan of pasta. I have to have it.
But the hero of our dinner was Crème brulee!

Absolutely soft, silky slipping, in your mouth, the beautiful vanilla flavor with the right amount of sweetness and I can never forget the delicious moon shaped cookies served with it.

Ohhhh! Total heaven.

It’s one of the best dessert I’ve had here in Karachi.
True authentic Crème Brulee. Definitely recommend it to everyone.

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  1. Dr Saima Kanwal on

    It looks so yummy and I really want to try it someday .
    Next time I am going to Karachi this will be on my list 🙂

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