Green Line Train Pakistan: Live Review

Finally I did get a chance to travel in Green Line train and to be honest I was totally “WOWED”.


We went to Kashmir via Lahore and Islamabad.

There’s a whole lot to share but over here I will stick to my experience with Green Line.

We wished to go to Islamabad from Karachi through Green Line but this couldn’t be possible because we didn’t get the tickets. Even a week before when we went to Cantt station to buy tickets for 6 people, and since we were hoping to get one compartment there were no seats available, separate seats however were available; so we had no other choice but to go for Business Express from Karachi to Lahore and then from Lahoreย  on a daewoo to Islamabad.

So a very important point to keep in mind here is that if you wish to travel through Green Line Train, then book your tickets at least 15 days in advance and especially if its more than 2 people traveling.

Since our trip was very tightly scheduled because Ramzan was due the next week we couldn’t afford to take chances and so we got our return tickets on Green Line Train from Lahore to Karachi.

The cost of one adult persons ticket is Rs. 5000 one way and for my 5 year old boy it cost Rs.3750 and my 2 year old traveled for free.

Our train was due at 8:10 pm from Lahore and the train took off at exact 8:13 pm.

I suddenly compared to Swiss trains where people can match trains to a clock, and for sure this was a big thing for us a Pakistani train to be almost on time.

The next thing, we stepped inside the train and it was so clean, we got in our compartment, and it was provided with clean blankets, plastic cups and pillows.


We found the pillow covers a bit more used and dirty so we asked for a change of pillow covers, the attendants were very kind and provided us with clean pillow covers.


The Air conditioner was in perfect working condition and its cooling was superb.


We were provided with an urdu newspaper and next was dinner. As compared to Business Express Train dinner arrived a bit late. On Business Express we were served dinner at 8:00 pm and on Green Line Train dinner arrived at 9:00 pm.

Dinner was delicious, hot and fresh.

There were 2 naans, ample amount of chicken salan, daal andย  Adams zeera raita.


Except for the fact there was no rice and dessert, the food gets full stars in terms of taste and freshness.

Although the train wasn’t like a fast train it did have speed and by not stopping for long at small stations, it didn’t make the passengers agitated.

There was a Changhong LCD screen and it did have a nice collection of documentaries, old Pakistani dramas like Angar Waadi, Bollywood movie Gabbar, Hollywood movies Focus and The Kingsman: The Secret Service, Children’s movie Home Alone.

But the biggest drawback of the Green Line Train was a very inefficient working WiFi. It just didn’t work. It showed glimpses of working at some stops but overall one cant call it an available WiFi. And I Really hope that in near future their WiFi systems gets to work.

We slept comfortably since their AC was not chilling cold as compared to Business Express, in which the AC was exceptionally cold that we had to cover ourselves with layers of clothing, especially kids.

Another remarkable feature of the Green Line Train was the separate washing basins, which are located at the end of each compartment.ย  So you don’t have to go to the toilet just to wash your hands or wash your baby’s bottle etc.


Water dispensers for hot and cold water are a huge help for mothers with little kids.

The next morning around 7:00 am we were provided with newspapers and a complimentary morning kit which consisted of a toothbrush, a small tube of close up, a comb, a razor and shaving cream and a small soap. Things that are extremely useful for any person traveling.


Around 8:30 am breakfast was served with 3 toasts, a perfectly cooked omelet, butter, jam and tea and a spoon and a spreading knife.


All the meals served in Green Line Train mostly satisfies the common mans hunger and one hardly feels the urge to buy items from different stations.

We reached Karachi right on time which was 1:45 pm, without any delay.

Best Features of Green Line Train

  • Fully air conditioned coaches.
  • Free WiFi. (Its free but not working)
  • Special lounges for the Green Line Train passengers in the stations of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. (A big plus) The lounges have comfortable sofas and big air conditioners but the condition of the toilets is very average)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in your fare.
  • Free mineral water, newspapers.
  • Clean pillows and blankets provided.

Green Line Train Fare

  • Karachi to Lahore Rs. 5000 (Adult)
  • Karachi to Lahore Rs. 3750 (Children aged between 3- 10 years)
  • Karachi to Islamabad Rs. 5500 (Adult)
  • Karachi to Islamabad Rs. 4130 (Children aged between 3-10 years)

Green Line Train Timing

From Karachi Cantt the train leaves at 9:30 pm and reaches Margalla station Islamabad at 8:45 pm.

From Islamabad Departure at 3:15 pm and arrival in Karachi at 2:30 pm.

Green Line Train Route

From Karachi to Hyderabad to Rohri, to Khanewal, to Lahore and Rawalpindi to Islamabad.

Advance booking and ticket purchasing can be done from Cantt station Karachi.

It was an absolute pleasurable experience to travel in Green Line Train with family and kids. Very comfortable and enjoyable.

Wishing all the best to Green Line Train for the future and hope that it always maintains its status.

The next time we plan to go to Lahore or Islamabad its definitely by Green Line Train.




Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

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  1. Your write was great help !

    We are planning to travel with 20 family members via this train in next 10+ days, around Aug 1st 2015.

    I just need the exact DATE of your experience with Green Train, to understand its CURRENT state as quality changes as per progress. Please send it to my email i.e.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi
      I’m glad that you found my post helpful.
      We traveled on the 17th of July, hopefully the trains status remains maintained and their WiFi system is efficiently working by now.

      1. I want to travel with my wife , newly married. I need a seperate compart for couple. Please help me out, is it available in green line train or not ?

        1. Hi,
          Well there is not a separate compartment for couples in Green Line Train. However, the sleeper compartment is a separate one with its own door, and it has berths for total of 6 persons. If you wish then you can buy tickets for 6 people and have the sleeper compartment for yourself, it will cost around Rs.25000 to 30000, which is still less as compared to an airline ticket.

          1. Or you can go through airblue , reach your destination in less than 2 hours, do the shopping for whole day and book a hotel room for whole night (without having to worry about the TRAIN-LAG )

            Nice review BTW….thinking of going back to Lahore through this thing. Wish me luck !

        2. Thank you for your reply. I have also booked my tickets on Green Line from Lahore to Karachi Cantt on 14 July 2016 and got many usefull information thank you and I will also shere my experiences after travels.

          1. Would u please confirm green line stay at rahim yar khan and its fare fromrahim yar khan to lahore

      2. Hello Kiran Ji
        I’m from other side of the border. thanks for your writing got an insight of the way of life there.


        1. Dear Kiran,

          Thank for writing a great article about your experience with Green line. We’ve had a chance to visit twice (2017, and 2018). Our first journey was immensely great and amazing overall despite the fact that Wifi wasn’t working at all! However, a big shock was when we traveled last year and we’ve had to pay for EACH and EVERY necessary service including the PILLOWS and BLANKETS! That ruined our journey but someone we managed with the cool family who traveled along. We, however, have booked again this year with the hope that the services were provided previously are being offered again given the ministry have been changed and a lot of people are happy with the current situation of the business trains. I would appreciate if you or any individual have traveled recently in Green line and can share their experiences.


        1. I believe you have to buy the tickets for the whole berth. But it would be wise to inquire the train officials about it as well.

    2. How many meals were served during your journey from lahore to karachi?? All these were included or not Dinner, breakfast and lunch? Thanks.

    3. How many meals were served during your journey from lahore to karachi?? All these were included or not Dinner, breakfast and lunch? Thanks.

      1. Hi Nasreen,

        I cannot really give you a guarantee of the safety of traveling alone with your baby. However, if you have no other choice and there is no body else to accompany then you must make full preparations of the travel.

        Also please share your experience with us, will be a pretty helpful for many others.

    1. Hi Kiran,
      Each compartment of Green Line Train has 6 berths which means it accommodates 6 adults and if traveling with kids,they can be comfortably adjusted.
      About traveling alone being appropriate, well usually we haven’t heard of many women traveling alone by trains in Pakistan so I cant really give you any assurances on that, but whether is it safe to travel alone in this train, I think its pretty safe if you buy your tickets in a compartment along with a family and in each boggy of Green Line Train there’s a security personnel and security camera are also present.So if you wish to travel alone, I think you can as long as you sit with a family.
      Do let me know how was your experience of traveling alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanx dear..i am going to take an international exam at karachi next week…will go by plane but planning to return to isb by train (the adventurous tickle,u know,lol)
        Might get some friend with maybe,but just in case i dont find anyone to accompany,wanted to get some idea…will let u lnow for sure if the plan persists ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. 6 persons and it is never safe for a women traveling alone on train in pakistan just spend 1500 extra and travel by air …..choice is urs

  2. nice comments, and write up by writer, I hope your next travel via green line will be more comfortable and we can see your another good article

  3. I m a government employ at Peshawar visiting karachi and want to go back through Greenline but I m worried about my luggage safety and also want to know how much luggage is allowed.

    1. Your luggage will be with you all times. Either place it under the seat storage or place it in the over head storage. Its completely safe!

      1. AoA,Hope you are fine .Bro I got same situation have extra luggage more than 10 cartons weighing appox 160kgs all together . Infact Me and my wife are traveling with our 18 months baby.We just have 2 adults tickets .So at Lahore station ticket counter some RM sort of senior Incharge there advised me to buy 2 adults tickets and 4 children tickets at half price in Green line Express .I paid 27000/ for complete 6 person cabin. Adult ticket 7000 and 3500 for child. Bro I am little worried tht ticket checker TT doesn’t create prob on our way to khi. I am leaving on 14 July. At stationcounter all of them were saying koi nahi pochta ager tt pochey to Bata daina khanewal sey bachey baithay gay . Agey dousra tt hoga .d

    1. No, there isn’t any limit on luggage as long as you have a reasonable amount of luggage for example the under seat storage and over head storage are pretty spacious and can accommodate big suitcases.

      1. Very well written article, good job Ms Kiran. Regarding luggage, while 30kg [with some extra allowance] can easily be adjusted in the compartment, extra luggage can be booked @ Rs. 9.70 per kg and it is safely locked in the dedicated van of same train. Recently, I traveled to lahore [from karachi] with family 4 adults + 1 child [purchased additional 1 child ticket to get full compartment] and we booked approx 30kg extra luggage packed in 9 cartons.
        Hope that it helps.
        Once again, appreciate the contribution of Writer, and happy to have a good service by Pakistan railway.

  4. Great your article is such a help. I never mostly comment but your help really made me say thanks for the help. I am going to choose this. Thanks a lot dear

  5. I Plan to travel from Isb to Khi with an infant baby. Is it suggested to reserve a separate berth for infant. I read that there is no ticket for infant so does infant also get separate berth free of cost ?
    Also any separate reasonable place to change diaper ?

    1. Hi,
      No, there is no separate berth for an infant and why would you opt for a separate berth for an infant since these berths are not AT All Safe for a baby to sleep alone in. Always make your baby sleep with you or another adult. There is no diaper station for the baby in green line and its very convenient to change the diaper on the berth, just make sure to carry enough wipes ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately there’s not a separate compartment in Green Line Train for 2 people. However if you wish to travel separately then just book the entire compartment which is for 6 persons in all. But that will definitely increase your cost ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hope this reply was helpful.

      1. Definitely your abslotly Wright .pak railways is very bad service and look indian railway always success because our government the create some thing which looking only beautiful. They not make any plans. Thts why pakistan railway always have lost .I very much agree with you.

  6. Its really great to read your article, you just shared great information!
    I am planing Tour to Murree with my wife for honeymoon in January, After reading your post, i am thinking to change my plan to use Greenline instead of Shalimar Express. But, the thing is i prefer 3 birth compartment of something separate, i don’t want anyone to be in my compartment. I don’t like it because my wife use Sharai Pardah! She will not be comfortable if someone else will be there.

    Is there any separate compartment option? or any other train having the solution of my issue?

    You help will be appreciable!

    1. Thank you for liking my article!
      Unfortunately there’s not a separate compartment in the train for 2 or 3 people. And all the compartments have 6 berths each which accounts for 6 adults traveling. So if you or your wife have issues in traveling with others, you can pay for the entire compartment. But that will definitely cost you more.
      Hope this answers your question.

  7. Iam working out of country iam planning inshallah com back in marc but I have 3 children’s which age are below 5 year but even its two much for me to have 6pax compartment .but I like to travel in train plz recommend me which train better to travel.and how much will cost I dont have idea about it. Thanks

    1. Salam,
      With 3 little children I recommend traveling by Green Line since its a very comfortable train and the journey is pleasant. About the cost, like I have mentioned in the post, from Karachi to Lahore the cost Rs. 5500 per person and infants travel for free, children from 3-5 years ticket costs Rs.3000 ( These prices are subject to change due to circumstances).
      But let me assure you that traveling by train will definitely cost you less than plane travel.
      Hope this was helpful,

      1. Great article which even helped alot… I would like to know what train I can get for a couple as I am going for a trip first time with my wife. So I would like to go for a cabin for 2. So please guide me in this to what train suit best for me. And what would be the cost approx.

  8. AOA
    Very informative. Thanks for the detailed info. Really appreciate your views. As we are going to Hazoor Qalandar Baba Auliya’s Urs in Karachi from UK. We will be Insha Allah travelling via Green line to Lahore. There are about 14 of us. looking forward to this journey.
    You are invited to attend Urs Sharif in Surjani Town if you can. it take splace around 26th and 27 th Jan every year. It is Silsila Azeemia, you may be part of it already if not I’m sure you must have heard of it.
    Thanks and Allah Hafiz

  9. Well, the article and replies means there is something special about it. I wish i could get a ticket from islamabad to karachi (by the way my departure date is only 5 days ahead) . As i am travelling alone, so i am quite confident k aik seat to nikal hi aati hai ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Assalam-o-alakikum Kiran a very useful article. I wanna go Islamabad from karachi. We are 4 persons me my husband my 2 kids one is 3YRS old other one is 2 yrs old. I want a separate compartment bt u say u it has 6 seats compartment so what is the cost of the compartment??
    We want return tkt.
    Thank you

    1. Walikum asalam,
      Thanks for liking the article. Well if you want an entirely separate compartment then you will need to purchase tickets for 6 people and all, and you can simply do that by calculating the no. of per person ticket x 6. I have also replied to a similar question in the previous comments.

      1. Main nay to suna tha k do person k lia b seprte hy kya gren line trian k ilwa b koi hy jis main huby wife k lia alg cabin ya coprtmnet ho jis main easly so sakin

  11. After 2 Decades traveled on Green Line from Lahore to Karachi on 5th January 2016 with my Family . complete Package of Nice Dinner and Breakfast along with Tea and unlimited chilled Drinking mineral water was free . 220 volt charging facility to recharge Cellular, computer or any other devices . and average WIFI signals were available time to time… Staff was well behaved . Bedding with pillow and Blankets was available for every passenger…ambiance was nice and quite with no Noise inside compartment … amazingly Departure and Arrival Timings were according to schedule … It was a wonderful Experience .. Thanks SAAD RAFIQUE ( minister of Railway) for such facilities .

  12. We are 1 couple and 1 child. If i book full compartment from karachi to lahore can expect any discount?? How much is the fare?

  13. The train is really bad…the compartments are really small. There is barely a space for 2 people and they stuff 6 people in 1 compartment.. n no u cannot buy all 6 tickets cuz if there are not 6 people in the compartment then they will cancel ur extra ticket n send some other people in.. it so congested n totally this review there is only a picture of one side of the train but if you see the train from inside its sooooooooo small..and the lighting is really bad. Had a REALLY BAD experience while traveling. :@ :@

  14. Is any one there who gives me any contact number of concern person. Actually my wedding travel plane has decided from karachi to lahore return in december 2016.

    1. Hi Ali,
      I think as long as the pets are in their traveling carriers I believe its fine to take along the pets. But its always a good idea to call the designated people of Green Line Train and confirm.

      1. Good to know but how can I travel with 04 family members and 02 strangers in a comfortable all the way from Lahore to Karachi?

  15. Travelling on the greenline April 2016. I am.from the UK and I can say this is a train service Pakistan can be proud of.
    It matches the Europeans for clean decent business class travel.
    Please be aware the wifi is still very poor.
    Not much on the TV now only 2 channels worked in our compartment.
    If you have a baby like we did then you will find changing a nappy difficult in the toilets as there is no area for this to be done.

  16. AoA. Well done and great articles to read on.
    We (around 15-20 members of family including kids and infants) are planning to go to Kashmir from Karachi via green line for the very first time in May-2016 INSHA ALLAH.
    Your valuables hints and suggestions are highly appreciable for us for safe and memorable journey.

    1. Salam Saif,

      Good to know that you found my blog helpful. You are going to Kashmir in an amazing time of the year. And definitely the more the merrier its going to be. So have fun and all the best!

      1. W/Salam Thank You very much for your best wishes..Is there any special suggestions for the tour of Kashmir?

          1. Thank you very much I have read and found very informative and useful.

  17. all the above is correct i have experienced it but as it is our national ailment we contaminate everything . for the first time when i traveled in it and when we were near Rawalpindi an attendant asked me to pay him for the meals and tea. i had no knowledge that time and i paid and when i asked him to bring me printed bill he disappeared.

    1. Hi Mudassir,

      That’s disappointing what you experienced and hopefully the next time you travel you don’t experience such a thing.

  18. Hi guys can you tell me if its safe for travel on these trains wts the security like e.t.c! Thanks

    1. Hi Zak,

      As long as safety is concerned, my experience and that of my friends has been pretty safe and Green Lane Train does have safety measures for its passengers.

  19. Quetta to karachi greenline train he agar tu plzz details batai or agar nai . To konsi best trian he all the best quetta to lahore

  20. I want to know that in green line aircondition controlable or not bcz kids get problem if all time ac on condition reman.

    1. The air conditioning in the Green Line train is in proper working condition and I bet you might need a blanket:)

  21. Sorry but green line isn’t of the standard the way this article says!
    Writing this comment from inside the green line train..from Karachi to Islamabad.
    Toilets dirty, got the image if possible will upload.
    Staff so far not very helpful.
    ST TT old bunch of corrupt craps.

    As soon we entered in our compartment 3 gentle men (extra) were already there including those who got there confirmed seats, it took us 15mins to conveyance them that the seats aren’t there! Not a single official came to rescue I had to deal alone with them in front of my elderly parents.

    Read a coment of a lady want to travel with and infant…..are you crazy how Could you take risk with your baby for such a long journey where the only hope of help is Almighty..
    Completely disappointed..

    First thing I will do as soon I arrive Islamabad is to cancel my return via green line and buy some plane ticket even if it’s expensive…

    Seiously folks of you can afford don’t get grilled or fooled by this fake article…


    1. Hi Sameer,

      Its unfortunate that you had a sour experience with Green Line.
      However I also need to inform you that all posts on A Cup of Karachi are based on honest reviews of the writer.

  22. Hi Kiran I’m leaving for Rawalpindi tomorrow night thru GL train wuth fanily and would want to book some extra luggage in the same train kindly guide me who and when to contact for the same please?

  23. Hi Kiran!
    What are the berths arrangment in a compartment ?
    Is it 3 berths per side as in other trains or 2 berths prr side ??

  24. we are 4 person 2 adult and 2 children . we have purchase 6 tickets , as we want to hold entire compartment. however after reading the one comments i am confused and it seems that , railway authority not allowed for this if there are not 6 people in the compartment then they will cancel our extra ticket and send some other people

  25. I am planning to travel to Islamabad with my Pet Cat…Is it allowed to travel with pets or do i need to have somekind of luggage reservation..???

  26. i am planning to travel from karachi to khanewal i wnat to know what is te price of tickets i want to travel from green line

  27. Thanks for such a wonderful feedback. Really appreciated you took time just for the guidance for other travelers.

  28. i am going to karachi 1st time for my job interview by plane, and plan to return back on Greenline Train. i want to get information regarding seating arrangement for a single person??

    1. Hi Usman,

      You can easily purchase the Green line tickets from any railway or Cantt station. And since you are alone it won’t be much of a hassle and while purchasing the ticket you can book your desired seat yourself.


      1. Hi kiran
        Hope you will be fine, i am traveling in business express at this moment ( karachi to lahore). I have my business in karachi and my home town is Lahore so that i travel regular after twice weeks. Now i want to get some knowledge about online reservation at green line because always i have no time to manualy reserve in advance from any station. So please guide me in detail for that.
        At the end i would like to appreciate you that you guide as well as better each person and your article also out standing.

        1. Hi Aurangzeb,

          Guess what I just found out, Pakistan railways will soon be launching its phone app to book tickets online. However, you can also book tickets online on this website
          Though I haven’t personally booked a train ticket online, do let me know about your experience.

          Thank you for liking my post.

  29. I travel on green line last month. I found it batter then other trains. But compartment was very small in size (if ur sharing with 5 unknown passengers). Fitted LCD TV was totally use less. Wifi was not working.Toilets was very dirty.( Water was running). Staff was helpful.
    Over all its OK and again batter then other trains and there staff..Need more improvement.

  30. Green line, an improvement in train travel. Good on keeping timing, comfortable than other means of transport, comparatively safe, best of all you get a chance to speak, discuss and communicate with real people, who are total strangers and are from diverse backgrounds as you are bound to be together for almost 23 hrs. Food is ok but I noticed waiters throwing rubbish and left over on the track as they are not provided with rubbish bags. Throwing rubbish on the railway tracks is not a good idea for environment.
    Saftey of passengers is compromised as there is no check on luggage. No scanners or metal detectors, not even railway police at the entrance or exit of the stations. Security of around 450 passengers should be taken seriously especially when we are in the state of war. 19th of Feb, 2017

  31. Hi Kiran thanks for such a great experience share . im also plane for green line trine from isb to krchi.
    thanks alot for sharing your experience.

  32. What is the difference in services between Green Line Train and Pak Business Express as there is almost 1000 Rs difference in ticket price…. any idea which one is good to travel with family…

  33. Hi,
    I have booked my ticket from lahore to karachi after eid with greenlines. I am travelling with my 2 year old. I was just wonder8ng is it safe to travel alone.

  34. My advice is don’t travel in green line I travel 1 July third class service punk staff in refreshments he given 5 rupees biscuits not sandwich lunch is very bed tea like a boil water

  35. Kiran, Your writing is amazing, I’m going to travel from greenline. So i have to read the complete review of greenline now i read. but Now Greenline ticket price has increase it has around 6000Rs for adult. khi to isl.

  36. AssalmuAlikum i traveled in Green Line Express in 2016 and it was awesome full volume proof and fully air conditinal. and the food is perfect such as egg,bread,salan,daal,naan and tea was perfect the wifi works correctly by i not have phone it was awesome i want to agin travel in green line.

  37. I have come from Saudi Arabia and was very interested to travel via GreenLine Train from Karachi to Lahore. I bought 4 & half tickets for the train left from Karachi on 17 Aug. 2017 at 10:00 pm (Order no. 553046).
    When I entered in the cabin of the so called greenline train, I found it was a different cabin with dirty pillows and terrible smell in surrounding of the cabin. I raised a complaint to the TT where he informed that the Coach no. 4 is not of greenline due to some technical problem and the railway mgt. changed it with the other lower ac coach of other train.

    I protested that I have paid for the greenline tickets and we should be given cabin in greenline which I paid for. However, the TT told me to wait and if any other cabin available in Greenline, we would be accommodated. The top staff is really totally unaware of the cleanliness of the cabin and toilets which is really so embarrassing.

    I take this opportunity to convey my dissatisfaction of the services provided to us in the name of Greenline train. Its totally fraud as no genuine reason/s given for this surprising change of cabin provided as this coach no. 04 is not of Greenline.

    The Railway Management should take notice of this total disastrous way of treating passengers.

    I could only hope to get compensation of my hard earned money.

    Muhammad Sohail

  38. Hi,I would like to know if green line train has an attached bathroom(inside the compartment) or a common bathroom outside the compartment? Thanks,Zahida

  39. Aslam alaikium what the latest update of green line train i book my couple ticket 2 nov 2017 last time i travel from train almost 11 yr plz tell me its this green train is still dependabel

  40. AA Would you recommend business express or Greenline travellling between Karachi and lahore
    In terms of cleanliness and comfort of journey?

    1. Just travelled on Greenline train
      Was a good experience- comfortable berths- but only if travelling with 6 members of your own family-not sure it wiould be comfortable with unknown ppl in the same, fairly small,cabin
      Toilet cleanliness not great- but manageable
      AC etc was good so got a good nights rest- staff a little too keen- even after being told we wont be requiring anything in terms of food etc- insisted to knock on our door at regular intervals
      The sunrise and the ambling of the train through villages when approaching lahore was priceless

  41. Hello

    I am going to fly from Karachi. And want to go from Lahore to Karachi by Green line train? Can anyone recommend me that either I use Train green line or Daewoo bus ? I am time conscious.

  42. Recently travelled by Business special ( karachi to Lahore) and Greenline ( Pindi to Karachi) The Business special was a nightmare with dirty,filthy blankets,pillows and sheets, hopeless food, the train crew allowed passengers on their own to use the gallery of the Business class, remember this Special stops outside the platform at Lahore warning for old,ladies and kids. Never try to check this so called special.
    Greenline train: It is much more better train with clean environment and good quality doodhpati. The coupe for 6 was quite comfortable. A good beginning is half done, true in case of Greenline as it starts from โ€˜ Pindi, what a clean , beautiful railway station, discipline and organization a rare quality in Pakistan, is it correct to say that it is the cleanest and well orgaised station in Pakistan.
    The Common problem at both trains : dirty, filthy, unhygienic and horrible toilets. One recalls the luxury of TEZGAM in its hay days with an attached toilet with every coupe. Warning for kids, Ladies and old people… go all the way in running train to the toilet, it can be fatal too,god forbid.

  43. I heard that nowadays compartment of train are very dirty full of bedbugs and cockroaches even now the fares are reduced so they r not giving facility of meal not even water is it true??

  44. I heard cockroaches and bed bugs are there in the compartment and toilets are very dirty . Is it true?? M gonna travel with my kid m totally hygeinic person

  45. Hi Kiran,
    I wish I could read it before I traveled to Lahore with my family and a horrible journey by Shalimar Express…..

    Thanks for wonder writing but please put more picture of it.


  46. Hello Kiran. Good to see your write up. Also impressed to see your prompt replies. I am looking forward to travel with my husband and mother. I need an advice if its suitable to take an elderly person who needs assistance all the time. Also the bathrooms. Waiting for your reply. Regards Mrs. Aniqa Umar

    1. Hi Aniqa,
      Thanks for appreciating my work!
      I really can’t say in particular about traveling with an elderly in the train. It would be better if you directly contact the train officials regarding this important issue.

  47. Hi Kiran. You didn’t mention anything about the cleanliness of the bathroom? And yes pls tell us is it correct about the bedbugs and filth?

    1. Hi Aniqa,
      As compared to other trains, like the Business Express the bathrooms are better. But if you expect the bathroom to be super clean, dry with paper towels and odour free, then I’m sorry you will be disappointed.

      Otherwise its an average bathroom which can be used (also owing to the fact, the kind of people traveling in Green Line)
      We did not see any bedbugs in our travel. But can’t say about it now.
      Hopefully, they have maintained their standards.

  48. Hey kiran
    I read your article and the replies you have given on each post. I just want to ask tis there any other business class coaches that have only two person compartment.

  49. Hello
    What about January 2019??
    if any one had a recent experience of traveling through green line???
    I am likely to travel from lahore to karachi. Single.

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