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Luckily, we had tickets for the 3rd day of Ho Man Jahaan and I went along with my mum in law to watch the movie, while my hubby stayed at home with the kids 🙂

With Shakaar Waandiyan and the beautiful melodies of Zeb Bangash and Atif Aslam, music is the first thing that actually stirred anticipation in me for this movie and then of cousre the beautiful people of our drama industry looking even more beautiful in a movie.

After Na Maloom Afraad, 3 Bahadur and Jawani Phir Nai Aani, Ho Man Jahaan was the third Pakistani movie that I watched in the cinema and I must say I was blown away!

10 stars, thumbs up and a thousand likes…. And here’s why….

First let me give an answer to those, who sort of are very critical/objective about the movie and that is please stop being so objective about our own movies and instead of focusing on whether the situations are very hypothetical and some scenes are not close to reality or it was an elongated display of a milk pack commercial well this is a commercial mainstream contemporary Pakistani movie and it has everything of the Pakistani element……

From the story, the complexities in relationships, the social economic differences and the bit of romance among couples before marriage, and most importantly the over all Pakistani atmosphere.

And also when you got to watch a movie with the only thought in you mind that this is a Pakistani movie and you don’t want to compare it to Hollywood or Bollywood I guarantee you that you will fall in love with it because this is OUR MOVIE! Period.

No matter how much pleasure we get after watching Hollywood or Bollywood movies we can never own them but this is Us and we should be grateful that Us is beautiful!

The way Asim Raza crafted the entire movie is stupendous! From the camera work to the most minor details everything is taken care of in a very responsible way.

One can actually feel how much blood and sweat has gone into this movie.

Mahira Khan (Manizeh) pulled off each and every scene perfectly and Adeel hussain(Nadir) part in the second half where he has a lot of crying to do Man… I really cant think of any other young actor who did it so soulfully. In fact it displayed such a beautiful image of manhood.

And yes Shehryar Munawar(Arhaan)was nothing less than a heart throb, so handsome and excellent dialogue delivery. But the part played by Arhaans father (I cant find that actors name) was totally amazing and the chemistry or tension between father and son gets a 100%.

Sonya Jehan (Sabina) looks super stylish and beautiful. Although she should have been given more part to play because she totally carried away the audience with her acting!

The senior actors including Bushra Ansari were more than perfect! I mean from there expressions to their dialogue delivery one feels that they are just the perfect fit for that role and there can be no other.

Now coming to the music each and every song is a hit and beautifully screen played, with some amazing scenic views of the northern areas and a couple of romantic shots between Mahira and Adeel.

Oh yes how can I forget the totally out of this world dresses, each and every outfit of every actor be it western or traditional is one unique design. I mean our Pakistani designers are one of the best in the world and the over all interior design of each and every set including the furniture, curtains, bed covers, lights everything depicts our rich culture.

Besides the lead roles, guest appearances by Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan, Syra Yosuf surely add the cherry on top!

I highly recommend every Pakistani living here and abroad to go and watch this movie.

Be Pakistani. Watch Pakistani!


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    • Hi Asma,
      The good part of our cinemas revival is that majority of the movies are not exploiting us or our culture. And the best part of these movies is that they are actually good and that is the reason behind their success and all of this definitely adds up to us owning these movies because these are Pakistan made.

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