Important Questions to Ask Pediatrician in Karachi


We Pakistanis have a habit of remaining silent when we must question and often do the opposite in certain circumstances.

But questioning your parents, your teachers, your relatives, and then later on questioning your boss, people on higher seats as compared to you and questioning doctors is something we are very shy and hesitant to do.

Deep inside we have  this feeling that if we question the MASTER of the FIELD we simply piss them off!

And because of weak social skill, our children, our loved ones and most important we ourselves suffer in the agony of confusion.

So when it comes to taking your ill child to a pediatrician in Karachi, and then when he hands you down with a long list of medicines all you ask is about the amount and the frequency of the dose, and when do we stop the medicine?

That’s it!

Did you know many fatal incidences and damages are caused due to medical malpractices.

And in a country like Pakistan where are no strict guidelines and rules and scrutiny over medical practices, one needs to be EXTRA vigilant.

And because we have a rapid growing population, pediatricians are very much in demand, sick children are  like a cash cow for the pediatricians.

Reasons to be Extra Cautious on A Visit to a Pediatrician in Karachi

Karachi, a mega city, tough competition, black market, fake licenses…. so when it comes to finding a good pediatrician in Karachi, which doctor are you willing to trust with your child.

Many doctors have fake or expired license, their clinics are not very hygienic and we cannot be sure about their sterilization procedures of medical instruments, and which pharmaceutical company are they associated with so basically there are a number of extra details we need to vigilant about when taking our child to a pediatrician in Karachi.

Consider this situation:

Your child is having fever and cough, you take him to the pediatrician and he says its just viral and will go away in 3 days.Nothing to worry.


He claims that your child’s 2 vaccinations are due and he must be given it rite now.

If you don’t ask him that doctor, “Saab rite now hes having fever, so is it OK if he gets the shot?

If the doctor replies YES, then please switch your doctor.

Administering vaccinations to a feverish child may give rise to serious complications so please its completely fine to delay a vaccination rather being in a hurry and challenge his immune system when hes already unwell.

And if he says come after 3 days, the doctor is fine. But always observe the doctors attitude towards vaccination and your child.

Otherwise you and your child who are a tiny part of the money making machine for the doctor, probably your child will be given the shots. and then there’s nothing you can do.

Vaccines are a cash cow for doctors, since we don’t have a general policy of medical insurance vaccines make huge profits for the doctors and clinics.

My dear friends we all need to understand that when we are taking our child to a pediatrician we are in control of our child and the doctor is here to assist us, not become the decision maker.

But usually quite the opposite happens and poor parents they suffer helplessly and in silence when a renowned pediatrician in Karachi yells at parents.

This is insane and totally unethical and you just cannot let it happen. Remember your parenting instincts is what matters most because parents have this subconscious which often sends signals before things are even done.

So the next time you visit a pediatrician in Karachi, don’t hesitate to look for answers to the following questions.

Important Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician in Karachi

1. Look around for his license certificate from PMDC Pakistan Medical and Dental Association.


If you cant  see it you can always ask him.

2.Look around for his certificate of pediatrician specialization from a renowned college.

3.Reference is  always a Good Idea

Since we have strong family bonding, relatives and friends often give right references for doctors because they want you to know that their choice of a doctor is right and then they want to take the credit when you get well. No harm in it because nothings more important than health.

So whenever looking for a qualified pediatrician in Karachi asking family and relatives is always a good option.

4.Is the clinic visibly clean and hygienic, are their enough tissue boxes around?


5.How will emergency situations be handled? Which hospital is the doctor associated with and will he be available ASAP.

6. Will the doctor attend your calls?


7. Is the doctor washing hands in between touching his patients?

8. How patient is the doctor when you are talking to him?

Is he paying attention or has he literally turned a deaf ear to you, I came across a pediatrician in Karachi who simply wont listen and emphasis only on the remaining and upcoming vaccines.

9. Is he Child Friendly or does he have a very Cold Attitude towards your child?

Pediatrician-Child friendly

A pediatrician MUST have a child friendly personality.



Always ask for the leaflet of the vaccine and check for the expiry date yourself. Make sure the vaccine is genuine.

There is huge black market of medicines and vaccines in Pakistan.

So you have to be vigilant yourself.

Always ask the doctor or nurse to open a fresh syringe right from the packet in front of you. And then see for yourself how do they dispose off of the syringe and the empty vial of the vaccine.

A confident and honest pediatrician in Karachi will hand you over the leaflet himself.

I know this may sound offensive to some but getting all vaccinations are not mandatory

According to research that vaccination which were administered 20-25 years back are mandatory because their results are obvious in us and our adults, but I’m always skeptical about the recent vaccines like flu vaccine or rota virus vaccine.

So its totally up to your choice on which vaccine you want for your child.

11. Which Medicines is the Doctor prescribing?

12.Why is the doctor giving asthma medications for a bit serious flu?

13.Is the doctor giving medicines that are not prescribed in the west anymore?

Always ask him about it.

14.If the doctor is prescribing an expensive medicine you can ask him about an alternative?

15.Is the doctor doing a thorough examination?

Pediatrician naked child

Or is he barely touching your child and stuffing a thermometer in his mouth.

I have seen many pediatrician in Karachi who wont even touch the child and undressing him is rarely done, rather its like a scripted routine they do with kids and before you even explain to them about your child’s illness they are already down with their pen and writing medicines.

Their diagnosis may be right but this is not a right way of practice.

Please don’t put thermometers in the mouth, the cotton in which the thermometer is kept is almost a bacterial colony.

Even if the doctor assures you that the thermometer is clean firmly refuse to put it in the mouth.

Important Tips Before You Visit a Pediatrician in Karachi:

  • In the flu season, wash your children’s hands thoroughly and at least 2o times each day.
  • Wash your children’s bedding and stuffed toys routinely.
  • Once you find a good pediatrician in Karachi, its better you go to him mostly, switching doctors is not a good idea.
  • Home remedies do work in mild illnesses and searching the internet is a good idea.
  • Don’t become totally dependent on the doctor, keep your options open.






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