KARACHI EAT Food Festival

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So almost everyone I know was going to the Karachi Eat food festival and since I am a foodie myself, I couldn’t resist a trip there either.

Mostly all  Karachites are outgoing and are always looking forward to something new and exciting.

“Even the slightest hint of an event on social media can spread like fire in the forest and people will definitely  take out time go there with friends and family.”

And so it was; there was a huge crowd going towards the Karachi Eat Food Festival.

Its always nice to see people with their families happy and excited walking with the others towards one destination.

Something that we Karachites  don’t experience much often.

The choice of venue for such a big event wasn’t fair, adjacent to the Frere Hall the space was very limited, not enough room to walk around with ease and eat with comfort was definitely not easy for people with children.

No room to walk and no place to sit.  Owing to these factors the food festival was not much of a grandeur.

And about the food there were many stalls but because it was so jam packed I could hardly get a proper look on the food and this didn’t excite my taste buds.

We did try a brownie which was ok and the macaroon wasn’t even close enough to what I had in Paris.

The wait time in fish and chips and chapli kebabs was  pretty long so we gave up the idea.

Then I tried  Fico fish and chips.

“I must say it was not worth Rs 200. The size of the fish piece was very small and fries were very average.”


Food vendors in a food festival must be very efficient, and consistent in taste.

After staying there for few more minutes we decided we must leave and go to a decent place where we can actually sit and enjoy the food.

And one thing more that did put me off was the  pile of litter dumped outside; it was very unsightly, this should have been taken care of,  I mean come on we are talking of a Food Festival and hygiene comes first.




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  1. Honest review! I was there too. Hope they come up with something much better next time. We need more festivals in our beautiful city.

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