How to Lose Weight in Karachi in Summers


If you are a mother of young kids like me, my elder one is 5 years old and my younger one is 23 months, then what could be a better idea than losing weight or simply toning up your body this summer vacations.

Like many mothers I still struggle to tuck in that belly fat which is a result of C-section and now that my younger one is 23 months old I have decided to utilize this summer in a very positive and healthy way.

The first thing that we all need to understand ONE BASIC RULE OF WEIGHT LOSS and that is:


And by controlling diet it doesn’t at all mean that you eat less instead it means that you EAT HEALTHY.

Basically its improvising your diet.

Being a mother of young kids requires a MOUNTAIN OF ENERGY to go you through each day and so cutting down on food will leave you hungry, angry, agitated, frustrated sick and in the end you end up yelling at your kids or making sulky faces in front of your hubby.

So Lose Weight But Don’t Lose Your Mind

Here are some simple things you can do to Lose Weight in Karachi this summers.

Start With Simple Changes

  • Drink a glass of freshly squeezed grape fruit juice as soon as you wake up. Pakistani local grape fruits are not very bitter  and have a very mild bitter, citrus sweet taste.

Hyperstar has excellent grapefruits these days both local and international, the local ones appear to be a bit dull and not very perfect shape.

However their prices are lesser as compared to the international one but they taste equally good and are very juicy.

I just bought 1.5 kilo grapefruits for Rs.400


  • If you are not in a habit of eating breakfast then please start taking breakfast, a healthy breakfast is your fuel for the entire day. Eggs, brown bread, fresh juice, cheese, fruits a breakfast must have all these.


  • Slowly star quitting white sugar, and by slowly I mean slowly.

If you take 2 tsp sugar in tea make it to 1.5 tsp and then 1, eventually no sugar.

Remember you are also a mother and sudden changes in your diet will affect your mood so take it very slow.

  • I know it can be very tempting to see the leftover fries and nuggets or chips that are left on the table and one just cant help  popping it in the mouth. But try to fight this urge. Your children can consume it their metabolism is very fast but you simply don’t need this deeply fried stuff. So say “NO”
  • Many people in Karachi have the concept of “Shaam Ka Nastha” which is usually equivalent to Aloo kay samosay, pakora jalebi, chai and chanachoor all of which is deep fried.
  • Try to improvise this Shaam ka nastha with green tea and honey, bhoona chana, dried apricots and if you cant resist the urge for biscuits then go for rusk or wheatable biscuits.


  • Try snacking on fruits. Pakistan has the best local grown fruits. Apples, mangoes, peaches, bananas, guavas.

These fruits are extremely economical and are 100% organic. So a big “YES” to such a approachable blessing by nature.


  • Supplements: Asian women generally have a low hemoglobin count and to keep that up we need iron. Though all meats the way they are cooked in our cuisine lose many of its nutritional values, taking iron supplements must be a part of our everyday diet. And if you take omega-3, zinc, vitamin B-6 then its all very good for your overall health.

spoon with dietary supplements on fruits background

  • Don’t join the Gym: Yes this is a simple change we are talking about, because if you join the gym then it will affect your daily routine, you might find it very hard to cope up especially if you have little children and why spend money to lose weight , why not save money by eating less sugar, less carbs, and less packaged foods?


  • Just try to get more physical, play ball with your kids, do some dancing, don’t stress out when your maid takes an uninformed off rather use it as opportunity to burn some calories.e
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks they simply push your body to work harder while water flushes out your toxins and keeps all your systems running smoothly.


Once you get your hands on these “Simple Changes”, you can go to the next level and that’s Exercise.



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