Na Maloom Afraad: I cried because it was sooo good!

Hats off!

What can be better than a fun filled Pakistani movie as a treat on the third day of Eid.
And that’s what I longed for so long, a good movie.

Luckily Ammi and Abu were more than happy to baby sit my kids and I went with Ali and my cousins to watch the movie at Neuplex cinema.

Before the movie the promos excited me for the following reasons:-’s a total Pakistani movie. Bilkul khaalis.
2. it had the filmy touch of south asia. Songs, dance romance and emotions.
3. there were some pretty faces and Mehwish Hayats item no. was worth waiting.
So finally when the movie started, my excitements were at its peaks; and till the end I was  hooked.

The best thing about the movie was that it was simple yet beautiful, innocent yet crafty, and even the dirt and pains of Karachi appealed the audience.

And all the actors gave their 100%, even the tiniest of roles of the actors were so natural.

Although there were some pitfalls in the story one would barely notice them because the major part was excellent and beautifully screen played.

I must say this movie has refreshed me, made me happy and gave hope. And one can easily say that Na Maloom Afraad is an instant hit, because  when the audience comes out of the cinemas smiling the director has achieved his target. 🙂

Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

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