Pakistani Dresses 2015

Pakistani fashion is an ever emerging market.

Each month there’s a new collection, new trends and new cuts. At times it’s quite hard for the average Pakistani woman to keep herself updated with the upcoming latest Pakistan fashion.

Since nothing comes for free, buying original Pakistani dresses is some what pricey. Pakistani designer lawn prices start at a minimum range of Rs.2,650 and can cost up to Rs.15,000 or may be even more.


However there’s always something for someone, and luckily nowadays there are many affordable clothing brands available in the market.

With more and more people inclining towards ready to wear designer outfits, Pakistani fashion is no more just a few names in the industry in fact Pakistani fashion is a mountain of designs, colors and cuts.

Every emerging trend be it long shirt or tights grows into a hydra and every Pakistani women reproduces something unique out of it.

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Pakistani designer lawn collections which come in volumes throughout the year and the rapid emergence of new designer outlets has revolutionized our whole fashion industry.

While many Pakistani women still buy loose fabric from open markets like Hyderi, Ashiana shopping mall, Tariq Road etc. their final designed dresses are always up to date and unique.

Trousers trends this year

Upcoming Trends for Pakistani Dresses 2015

With the much forced re emergence of short kameez and shalwars through TV dramas and morning shows, women have started to wear shalwars along with trousers and the very chic cigarette pants.

In general Pakistani women feel more comfortable in the typical shalwar kameez owing to its basic loose cuts and wide angle stitching which accommodates almost every kind of figure from lean to chubby and tall or short and medium size.

Where long shirts complimented medium sized and tall women more, short kameez suits short heightened women as well.


And coming to cigarette pants and tights and trousers they all suited women with thin legs more but because the fashion of straight trousers was so apparent and strict it was religiously implied by almost every kind of woman. Even fat women were seen wearing tights with bulges of fat falling from their thighs.

So a good thing about the up coming trends for Pakistani dresses 2015 is that there’s something for everyone in store.

If you want to wear a short shirt then it can go along with tights and straight trousers and also with shalwars. (although tights and shalwars are lesser to be seen).

Another innovation in Pakistani dresses 2015 is the printed and embellished Trousers.

There’s a huge range of printed tights, trousers, straight pants, cigarette pants in the market.

From African tribal prints to delicately embroidered and designed trousers, its just not what you wear on top any more, your legs must be equally decorated and must look fancy.

printed trouser

And if you are still in love with your long shirts then you can wear them but just keep the length of your trouser a bit short… that’s the trend 🙂

While the length of the shirt can be knee above or knee below its in a moderation and not too long and not too short.

But please don’t wear  long shirts with shalwars this is absolutely not being done at the moment.

Pakistani dresses 2014 trend that’s being followed this year is the use of a lot of whites and pastel colors.

dress 1

Seems like Pakistani designers are in love with fawn, beige, tea pink, olive, off white and all light shades, which I must admit is a big game changer in Pakistani fashion because for many years our fashion was thought to be only vibrant and colorful but the astounding work of Pakistani designer has simply shown to the world that Pakistani fashion is not only vibrant but its also elegant, unique and very very stylish!

orient white

Now with the re birth of Pakistani cinema our Pakistani actresses are seen flaunting the red carpet with their amazing designer dresses. The most notable among them Layla Chatoor who is becoming every ones favorite because of her excellent color scheming, fabric selection and cuts and patterns.

layla chatoor
Actress Sonia Hussain wearing Layla Chatoor.

Also many branded lawns have launched their mid summer collection which is definitely worth buying.

Most of Pakistani brands especially among the clothing line excel in quality and that’s why once you buy a designer dress it might seem a bit pricey but the dress will last you a life time and that’s the biggest plus factor of buying designer clothes.

You can click here to see all the latest Pakistani dresses 2015 from all the designers at one place. You can even order online with some great discounted prices that can’t be found any where else.

Happy dressing up!

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Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

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