Start Preparing for Eid-ul-Azha

What’s an Eid dress if it’s not branded

Sweetness of Eid is in the air these days and it is time for shopping obviously. While shopping, like everyone else you’d be struggling too for sure to get most stylish and captivating dresses and accessories to celebrate the spirit of Eid. I mean who isn’t? Where everyone wants to look fabulous, that is where circle of competition starts getting narrower.

Shopping is never easy especially when it comes to Eid shopping. Among hundreds of shops in market it becomes a nightmare sometimes to pick “THE DRESS” of your dream. Sometimes finding a reasonable shop that offers quality products and reasonable prices gets even difficult than climbing Mount Everest. It gets so annoying that you really want to hit your head against the wall. But as said, “Every problem comes with a solution” there surely is a solution to this problem too.

First of all this problem is only faced by those who don’t even consider brands when they are on shopping. Why? Because of this self-created misconception that branded products are always expensive and unaffordable. This kind of lack of knowledge keeps them away from enjoying the sweetest fruits of brands.

Let me tell you how. You do want to put class, quality fabric, perfect stitching, elegance, style and beauty; all that in a single Eid dress. Right? Also you want to turn heads with a unique grace this Eid. Branded suit is all what you need then. Why? What’s that special about Brands and their clothes? Look behind the curtain in this article and read reasons that why branded Eid dress is perfect for you.

Unique Style

Brands hire professional and educated dress designers to do magic on their collection. Each brand tends to come up with the idea of something new that is better in all aspects from its competitors. Whenever there is an occasion like Eid, a new collection is launched just for that. On Eid, you can witness uniqueness and beautiful distinctiveness on the racks of these designers.

Affordable Price

Let’s talk about that a little more. Some brands do offer extremely expensive apparels and other products but not all of them. Many brands, especially that have their stores in local market or in malls of your city/district; they offer products in very reasonable prices. You’ll be amazed that some brands even offer you dresses in lesser prices and in finest quality than that of local shops.

What’s more amazing? Whenever there is sale, you can get your favorite dresses in even lesser rates. Moreover, there is always sale for Eid. And you don’t need to bargain at all. All prices are fixed and reasonable.

Quality Fabric

Quality fabric is what every brand focuses on. There is hardly any brand that is down in fabric quality. Its first priority for them and on this they make no compromises at all.
Isn’t that what you are looking for? If you’re fond of quality fabric pick a branded dress this Eid.

Perfectly Stitched

“My tailor ruined my Eid dress” this phrase is the worst nightmare. Eid is the time when tailors make gold from their business. They have too many orders and bundles of clothes to stitch. Because of shortage of time and load of work this happens almost always. Worst thing is, it is too risky that at last hour your tailor gets agree to fix things up bestow you with a costly bill.

Why fall into such troubles? Branded readymade suits have the best and finest stitching and they’re available in different sizes. You can find one that is of your fitting for sure. Don’t take risks that can ruin your Eid.

Elegance and grace

Once you’re into filling up your wardrobe with branded clothes, you’ll know how elegant and graceful look you reflect just by wearing them. And when it is Eid what’s the point if we do not pick one gorgeous dress for its special celebrations?
Designs, patterns, combination of colors, style and any kind of work will itself tell a beautiful tale.

When brands are here to give you everything that you want and afford, why even bother wasting precious time on other shops? Wear your favorite brand this Eid with style and grace and enjoy the happiness and blessing of this Eid. And oh! Frankly asking, what are you going to wear this Eid? Tell us your Eid dress story in comment section.

(This is a guest post from Waleed Jamshaid-Thank you for your contribution!)

Author: Kiran Kanwal

I am a freelance writer, I enjoy researching and writing about my city. There are so many new ventures opening up in the city, which I believe need to be reviewed honestly for the sake of spreading awareness and information among the citizens. Since there is so much happening in the city, I like to write about the "Good Stuff." Besides writing my other pleasures are healthy cooking and traveling.

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