Saints of Sindh, An Impressive Guide To Understand the Saints of Sindh

A few days back I was very lucky to receive one of the best gifts in the world, the gift of books!

Caravan book house  is a renowned publishing house of Pakistan. Based in Lahore this publishing house has been in business for the past 70 years.

Ch. Haris Najib the proprietor of Caravan Book House, he was very kind to send me two books; Saints of Sindh and Dara Shikoh by Moin Bari.

When I received the books I was literally awed! These books look highly professional in terms of the front page covering, image and title font. The total layout of the book cover is nothing less than a book from any mega-publishing houses across the world.

The use of uncoated papers, make it easier to read and the pages are thicker in texture.

Now coming to the overall English language, I really couldn’t spot any grammatical error or spelling mistake. There wasn’t any use of jargon either.

Moin Bari is the author. He was the Editor of the Pakistani Army Journal. He has paid visits to most of the historic places in Sindh and Punjab and written many articles on them.

Saints of Sindh

I read this book and I definitely recommend it to others too, especially to the ones who are in the quest of discovering more about Pakistan or Sindh and its unique ethnicity and diversity in culture.

This book highlights the main attributes and services of almost all of the renowned saints of Sindh in a chronological order. Beginning with “Unknown saint of Mohenjadaro” to “Sarmad” who was executed by the orders of Aurangzeb.

I also learned about many other saints with whom I wasn’t acquainted with. And the best part about this book is that in each chapter there are excerpts of captivating events that happened around the Saints.

We all know about  Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Abdul Latif Bhittai, and Sachal Sarmast, but as you read about the bravery and intellect of Pir Pagaro and about Mian Mir’s interaction with Dara Shiko, you learn how power is influenced by virtue and wisdom.

I suggest that every Pakistani must go through this book. You will learn how blessed the soil of Pakistan, to produce some of the most inspiring human beings of the world!