Chunky Monkey in Karachi; More Activities for Kids

Are you bored of going to the same sea view, sitting at the same cor niches, and  trying to excite your kids with the same Mc Donalds play area and Happy Meal?

Well, bid your boredom of Sea View bye bye, because now there is something totally new, refreshing and soo much fun for the entire family at Sea View.

Yes its  Pakistan‘s very own franchise of arcade/play area. Chunky Monkey, and just like its name, your little monkeys will get a full chance to experience some chunky fun!

The new Chunky Monkey at  Karachi Sea View is very recent and its already a HIT!

Chunky Monkey is a hit for many reasons being:-

  1. Location: Almost every person of Karachi knows where is Sea View and so finding Chunky Monkey is no big issue, a big colorful vibrant building, is very prominent standing along the entire road of Sea View. So when kids come to Sea View with their families for the first time they are sure to beg their grown ups to take them there.
  2. The Cost: Trust me you will spend so much less as compared to Sindbad! The entrance is Rs.50 per person and for infants and toddlers its free. And the prices of each ride is Rs.40 which is pretty reasonable for the big rides.
  3. The View: Located on one of the best spots in the city, you will always get to enjoy the sea breeze there and when on the Pirate Ship you will get a high view of the sea. Just keep in mind not to make fancy hairstyles or they’ll get blown away 😉
  4. Its Not Only for Kids: The first thought that comes to your mind when you go through a name like Chunky Monkey, you are like so another place where we we drain out our pockets over baby’ish rides for 2 minutes, and its only going to be activities for kids, but that’s not the case here, in fact you can experience the fun along with your kids. Bumper cars, Pirates Ship, Fast Train, Drop Tower, Pendulum Ride all for the young and fun loving adults. So I would recommend when going with your kids don’t forget to tag along their chachus, khalas, phophos and of course fun loving grands will sure have a good time.                                    chunky2
  5. The Arcade: So if you have 2-3 year old kids they can always enjoy in the Kiddie Rides which are located in the lower area, and there are also other fun arcade activities like Air Hockey, Racing games, Basket ball etc.
  6. Food Court: Its not too huge but it sure has a good variety. Burgers, Pizza, Arabian Doners, Ice Cream all is there something which a hungry and tired family would love to dig in.
  7. Special Discount:What could be better than going to Chunky Monkey on Sunday and getting a 25% discount on all rides!

Timings: 4pm to 11pm and on Sunday 4pm to Midnight.

So my recommendation is check out Chunky Monkey ASAP and do tell me what you have to say.