3 Bahadur Review: Awesome Movie

Today I finally got a chance to watch the movie 3 Bahadur with my 5 year old boy.

We went to Nueplex Cinema along with some of his school friends and their moms.

We took the 2:30 show in Cinema 1, which is one of the biggest screen there.

3 Bahadur started with a melodious song about life, happiness, ownership which sparked positive emotions in the audience and excited everyone for the movie.

The story is quite obvious and predictable; evil versus good and in the end its always good that prevails.

However owing to the fact that this is a 100% Pakistani made movie, one can’t help a hats off to the movie.

Superb graphics, amazing voice overs, every minor detail was beautifully crafted reflecting a typical Pakistani neighborhood.

The only thing that did let loose the grip was Mangus (the villain) voice over by Aly Khan, his voice was not strong enough to do justice to the character.

My favorite character was Kamil (Hanzala Shahid) one of the 3 Bahadurs, he was the cutest and most innocent one.

His thick bubbly voice tickled the audience and kids were laughing out loud in the cinema every time Kamil would do a blunder.

The movie depicted amazing situational comedy to which almost every Pakistani kid can relate to.

Another plus point about 3 Bahadur is the deliverance in proper conversational Urdu, which uplifts the importance of Urdu language in our children.

I suggest every parent to watch 3 Bahadur with their kids.

A treat they are sure to enjoy!