Annotations: Revisited at Koel Art Gallery a Must Visit Art Exhibition About Karachi

Annotations: Revisited at Koel Art Gallery from 11th August til 27th August

Isn’t it often we think that Karachi is consuming us in a good way and a bad way? I often think like it, when I’m away from Karachi, I feel its magnetic aura is pulling me back and when I’m in Karachi I feel flustered, consumed…

Annotations:Revisited by Anum Jamal is depicting this feeling of the commoners through her beautiful, awe inspiring piece of art.


About the Artist

Anum Jamal is a young, highly talented artist who is bringing fame and pride to our country through her unique, modern, piece of art.

She received her Bachelors in Fine Art from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2012 and was the recipient of the Zahoor ul Akhlaq Award for Best Drawing Portfolio, after which she received her Master’s in Contemporary Art Practices from Coventry School of Art and Design in 2015, both degrees with overall distinctions.

Apart from exhibitions, Anum is part of an international artist group called The Salon, with whom she has exhibited and produced collaborative works. She was also chosen as one of the few artists to work on a collaborative public art project titled The Domino Run with a performance for Coventry Mysteries.

You Are Here
You Are Here

Karachi Put together in Pieces of Art

Whats unique with Anum’s art is her brilliance of using graphite and pencil to draw, shade line, and sketch, mostly the aerial views of the city’s skyline.

Although these exhibits not only depict Karachi, but also Coventry UK which the artist has lived in, the general infrastructure and race to the same goal post is same in many other big cities of the world.

Big, fast growing, consumer oriented, happening cities like Karachi dictate our lives in a very drastic way. We are not aware of it yet its happening. Our lives here function in a geometrical pattern, which Anum has explained in a very direct, simple and fascinating way.

Putting It Together III
Putting It Together III

When you look at Neighboring City I you realize that no matter where you start from. you enter at the same spot, your life is centered around a maze and people are coming from every direction.

Although this may seem quite orthodox, people are now starting to like it. We Karachites have developed a way to fall in love with every piece of steel and iron, and the tidbits of green that the city has to offer.

So if you want to look at modern Karachi through art and think again of your life in Karachi then a visit to Annotations: Revisited at Koel Art Gallery is a must.