Best Cakes in Karachi

Believe it or not but we are gradually turning into cake oriented people. In the olden days cakes were only associated with birthdays. Slowly they became a part of anniversaries and now they have become an essential part of weddings. And not only are simple cakes the norm anymore! Proper, themed cakes, with intricate toppings and molds are the latest obsession. But when it comes to find the best cakes in Karachi, which not only have a stellar themed appearance but also taste equally good, look nowhere else…. Sams Cake Factory is the best.

I bet most of you have heared of it or have seen their displays in morning shows. I was very lucky to have tried one.

This December has actually been a wedding season in my family and two of my very close cousins got married. I wanted to throw a dholki party for them and was looking for a dholki cake. After searching for the best cakes in KarachiĀ  I settled for Sams Cake Factory.

Everything seemed pretty promising but I was a bit doubtful about the taste. And since I was the host I wanted everything to be perfect and I kept telling them that I want both taste and looks. Nothing can be compromised.

Finally the day came and to my surprise the cake arrived at my doorstep right on the given time. I felt relieved. Then with crossed fingers I opened the huge box and Viola! The cake looked absolutely stunning. I could have not asked for anything more. These cute little dulha dulhan were actually edible, and the little kids around the house couldn’t help swooning over it!

But next came the most important and final stage of the cake. Eating. I bet my guests had doubts that usually all that glitter is not gold, the same might turn out to be with this absolutely ravishing looking cake.

But when the groom had the first bite of the cake he shouted, “This is sooo good”And so it was, the chocolate fudge tasted just right not too sweet and not too chocolaty everything was in balance. The entire cake was devoured to crumbs.

So if you are looking for the best cakes in Karachi, get in touch with Sam’s Cake Factory.