Delicious Chinese Buffet at Dolmen Mall!

Hakka Chine is the new Chinese Buffet in town.

Its delicious, classy interior, great location and most of all great value for money.

Last night my entire family had plans to eat dinner out and what can be more exciting than trying out something new. Since weekends  also mean doing some grocery for home, one has to stop by at the superstore, and that’s the best thing I like about Dolmen City Mall, we get everything under one roof.

Hakka Chine is the newest addition in the food court, but the good thing about this restaurant is that it is buffet and its in a totally separate area from the other food chains. Just next to Gun smoke, Hakka Chine can look pretty intimidating!

Since it was Saturday night we had a 15 minutes waiting, I loved the entrance, because unlike other restaurants in malls and public places, this one isn’t very open to others, only the waiting area is visible but the restaurant is totally hidden in a long lobby.

Its very family welcoming, I spotted many baby car seats, but no high chairs I guess because high chairs occupy more space.

The first thing that striked me was the totally high end, classy, interior from the buffet table to the ceilings everything was so beautiful that one has the feel they are here to have a good time.


The second thing that I loved most was the sparkly clean tables, cutlery, proper arrangement and the waiters constantly cleaning any tiny crumble of food. This totally explains the seriousness and passion of the restaurateur!

Also the waiters seemed to be highly professional and trained, which adds so much more to the comfort level of the diners.


Then comes the food….

If you are expecting duck and prawn tempura in this Chinese buffet, then you will be disappointed because when you consider the cost of this buffet, prawn tempura and duck can’t be adjusted.

The first thing served on the table is rice crackers which were superb. I loved the tangy, spicy masala sprinkled on them. My kids basically had their fill with the crackers!

But the good thing is they have crab and its delicious, I am fond of crab and this Cantonese style crab gravy totally nailed it with only one problem, and that is the crab cuts are not very convenient to eat, you have to break the bones with your hands and do much hard work to enjoy the flavor of crab meat.

Since this is Hakka Chinese so its a mix of Cantonese and Chinese dishes.

In all there were around 10 main dishes with two soups, Cantonese soup and hot and sour soup.

Buffet Dishes:-

  1. Spring Roll
  2. Fish cakes
  3. Cantonese style Garlic fried rice
  4. Cantonese style chowmein
  5. Kung Pao Beef
  6. Hunnan Crab with Spicy Garlic Sauce
  7. Sweet and sour fish
  8. Orange chicken
  9. Thai Green Curry Chicken

The soups are such a releif and a much needed breakthrough from the regular chicken corn soups which we are so tired of eating in every other chinese restaurant.

The Cantonese soup was a big hit, owing to its very different taste and rich flavors of different veggies including mushroom.

The Spring roll was very good, crispy not very oily and sweet tasting veggies.

I didn’t try the fish cakes owing to their look which wasn’t very tempting.

The Cantonese garlic rice tasted amazing, a beautiful blend of sweet, citrus, mild spicy, garlic flavor.

Kung pao beef was a bit strong in flavor as compared to the ones served in other Chinese restaurants. But for me it was great and the peanuts tasted delicious.

Sweet and sour fish was superb, and so was the Thai Green Chicken curry, spicy and sweet. Loved it with the rice.

I must say that they have a very fresh salad bar with pickled salads mostly and these pickled salads go excellently with chowmein and rice.

Although they have mentioned in their menu squid salad, I couldn’t find it.

Sorry there isn’t any picture of the food was too busy eating 🙂

There isn’t any dessert included this Chinese buffet.

So for more information on this awesome Chinese Buffet.

Well they serve Lunch, Hi tea and Dinner.

Lunch is for Rs 1000, Hi tea for Rs 800 and Dinner for Rs 1200 all inclusive of taxes..

I cant wait to try out their Hi Tea.

So the next time you are thinking of Chinese Buffet try Hakka Chine at Dolmen City Mall!