Why Ehd e Wafa is the Best Drama Serial This Year.

The past couple of months have been quite a booming time for Pakistan’s Drama industry. With a change in the cliched stories of mother and daughter-in-laws, the drama industry has positively shifted their direction to other subjects, such as extramarital affairs by a woman, a rape survivor, a bipolar person, and of course the contemporary average Pakistani youth.

And it’s quite credible how these dramas have given everyone the right to express their opinion over such matters, and how every episode has become a subject of small talks in the common drawing-room conversations, this ripple effect truly explains how the media industry has the power to make people think and process.

Another positive impact that has come along with these dramas is that not only the average Pakistani women are watching these dramas but even men and the younger population are watching it along with their families.

In a time, where many people have #Netflix on every device they lay their hands on, drawing their attention on a Pakistani drama serial which is quite low in budget and production to the Netflix series is quite commendable.

So just like every modern, contemporary Pakistani woman, I am also quite hooked to some of the Pakistani dramas, and enjoy discussing each episode with my friends and family.

But whenever I sit down alone and get time to peacefully analyze as to which drama serial truly connects with me it has to be Ehde Wafa!

To be honest, when I first watched the promo of this drama, the first thought that crossed my mind was that this is not going to be anywhere near Alpha Bravo Charlie.

I was 13 years old when I clearly remember my entire family sat down and watched Alpha bravo, Charlie, there was literally silence on the streets and people were hooked.

I remember the first fuzzy warm feelings of romance between Shennaz and Gulsher and also learned that human beings no matter how strong they appear, are equally vulnerable inside.

And now when I’m in my thirties I was excited that I will get to relive the excitement of Alpha bravo Charlies.

But after watching 18 episodes of this wonderful serial, I must admit that I’ve enjoyed it more than Alpha Bravo Charlie, and I have no regrets about it 🙂

There is no comparison between the two serials as they both have their own place and identity and have built their own connection with the audience, but Ehd e Wafa does have an edge of being more exciting, touchy and that extra fling!

So here is a list of reasons, why Ehd e Wafa is the best drama serial of this year:-

  • It’s about the average Pakistani youth, who is positive, educated, belonging to modest backgrounds has dreams of making it happen.
  • Shazains’ rich background is justified because he belongs to a feudal family, which is so true in Pakistan.
  • The struggles of the characters are so closely related to the struggles of an average Pakistani, be it about not having enough resources, of being a financial burden on your parents or sister, or be it about the complexities of love.
  • When you speak for the truth there are some bad guys threatening you.
  • There is no saas-bahu issue which is such a relief.
  • Such positive parents like we see in Dua’s father and Saad’s mother, and these are the positive parents that do exist in our society and by portraying them more it gives a confidence to other parents too, that standing with your child, when he or she is right, is more important than keeping in view of your extended family sentiments.
  • Saad’s mother displays an excellent persona of a working Pakistani woman, she has a career and is a dedicated mother, who is happy about her son’s love interest but also very smartly guides him through his emotional challenges.
  • And I can’t get enough of the Ehde Wafa girls, because each one of them is so strong and clear in their own place. They are so positive, they are hardworking, they have goals, they are fun, they are dreamers, they are in love, they support their partners, they are also scared, basically they are everything an average positive Pakistani girl is like.
  • And I can get glimpses of my own self, in Rani, where she is so much fun but she knows that she cant always show her real self to everyone because after all, we do fear the judgments of others,
  • I love the way Masooma is crazily in love with Shehryar, her cousin, and I’m sure many Pakistani girls do fall in love with their cousins and have poured down many cups of tea down their throats hoping to get a response from their heart. Oh! yes when Shahryar broke her heart, I felt a pinch too!
  • I can totally connect to Dua’s confidence, where she knows what she wants in life, she is not scared to express her love but she knows how to wait for the right time. And I love the way, she is dedicated to completing her studies, but she also misses her love interest and dreams of him.
  • All these characters come so naturally to the audience that it’s wonderful to witness a visual display of the Pakistani youth.
  • I am absolutely in awe with Hajra Yamin’s character, she is the kind of a girl who is everything that may be so many girls wanted to be too at some time, so smart and sassy, outgoing. And this way this serial also gives a chance to many girls to relive their dreams.

In fact, there are many, many more words of praise that I can write about this serial, and I must say hats off to Mustafa Afridi for weaving such strong, beautiful characters for us who are totally justified in their position.

After all, people are not always black or white, it’s the shades of gray that make us human.

To be strong yet feeble, to be loved by some but disliked by some too, to be determined in our self but appear selfish for others.

I would also like to compliment ISPR and hum Tv productions for this wonderful drama serial.

Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to many more such serials.