Dell Inspiron Laptop Review: Laptop Deals in Karachi

I have always been a big fan of Dell Laptops. From the first laptop that I got to my current one, it’s always been a Dell laptop. I am simply apt to using Dell laptops!

One main feature that always attracts me in any electronic product is its sturdiness. Because I myself am not a very careful person and I have little kids around the house, little bumps, spills accidental shut downs of the product are part and parcel.

So any pricey product that I buy, it has to be rock solid.

When you are in the hunt of buying a new laptop, it can be quite a stress.

No.1  you have enough budget but are not sure if the product is worth it.

No.2 you want a laptop which totally suits your mode of work.

So how to find the perfect fit?

The first thing that you must do is narrow down your selection of the brand.

Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP etc etc

Over here I am going to talk about Dell laptops.

Dell laptops have a wide selection of products ranging from Inspiron, XPS, Precision, chromebook etc.


Out of these the three main categories of Dell laptops are Inspiron, XPS, and Precision.

Currently, I am using a DELL Inspiron 7778 – Intel Core i7 6500U – Silver.

Although I have also used a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series earlier and was pretty happy with that too.

Dell Inspiron Best Features

1.Solid Build

Ok so like I said, too much fancy and delicate is not my taste. A solid build is my no.1 preference.

Dell Inspiron laptops  have that! It is the first 17 inch 2-in-1 laptop, and tablet. Dell Inspiron high-quality screen and solid performance definitely make it one of the best choices for people who want a bigger display.

2.360 Degree turn

I simply love this feature. I mean what could be better than using your laptop as a carefree, relaxing tablet and enjoy videos on the couch or in the bed. Simply turn the screen completely on the opposite side and with the totally fun option of a touch screen, enjoy your favorite movie.

Use it as an oversized tablet( by folding the screen), a Tent (an upside down “V”) and a Display (straight screen)

3.Long Battery Life

Why is this the best option for anyone in Pakistan? You guessed it right …. load shedding.

No matter where you live, where you work, we all suffer from the sudden hiccups of electricity cut outs. Whether you are in the middle of writing your thesis, completing an assignment, or in the middle of an intense thought process, we simply hate the sudden turn off of our computer right?

Dell Inspiron laptops have a pretty long battery life. Around 7 hours are pretty good and you can survive it in the regular average electricity cut outs without much hassle.

4.Wide Screen

I use my laptop for almost everything. Work, entertainment communication and also teaching a lot of stuff to my kids. Besides its also used by my 7-year-old for gaming.

A widescreen is a big plus. Because I don’t have to squint my eyes, for reading smaller texts, it doesn’t strain my eyes much.

Besides, if you are the big fan of sci-fi movies, you have to have stunning visuals, which dell Inspiron huge display promises.

Sparkling color display, full effects along with all the details. This big laptop is a big thumb up!

You just will be so tempted to watch more videos.

5.Sound System

I love music, so do my kids, since the laptop is one device that is usually on for most of the time.We use it most of the times as our very own DJ!

The Dell Inspiron can produce some serious impressive sound.

Percussion, guitar, any background music is pretty clearly audible.

With additional accessories like Dell Bluetooth Portable Speaker, you can further improvise your audio feature.

Although I am not a gamer I have learned that the Dell Inspiron is pretty impressive when it comes to gaming.

The sleek look with a solid built, a very convenient keyboard, great sound and 2 in 1 screen display, surely make this Dell Inspiron a great choice for a durable laptop.

When buying laptops in Karachi make sure it’s a trustworthy source and it has the proper warranty.

Usually, online the prices are pretty less and there are also many deals on the internet, which if you are lucky you can buy a product for a pretty amazing price.

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