Mexican Food in Karachi

When it comes to international cuisines we Karachiites want everything! But besides wanting everything we always crave for the perfect blend of spice and taste. Although Italian food is not very spicy we have come up with our own creations of Pizza like BBQ Pizza or Afghani Pizza and which are now quite a hit.But there is one cuisine that I always longed was here and that’s Mexican Food. Last time when I visited the States, we went to this totally splendid Mexican restaurant in San Diego and since then there is nothing more that I crave for than Mexican Food.

For most of you who don’t know about Mexican food, well its mostly corn tortillas (chips) with a bean paste. Most of you I believe are already familiar with Salsa, which is an uncooked tomato chutney.

And whats best about Mexican food is that they have a large variety of sauces, chutneys, dips and pickles. And the food is relatively spicy. The renowned jalapenos which we simply love to top on our Pizza is a native Mexican pepper.

So now that your taste buds have started drooling, without a delay you can order authentic Mexican Food right away.

Carnes….. I recently tried their Beef Taco and it was absolutely a delight.

Ohh yes it is highly addictive…

The real thing…

The chutneys for extra flavor

In case you want to know the details….

When it comes to value for money, its totally justified and I hope it remains this way 🙂

After Italian, Chinese, Turkish the next big thing is Mexican food by Carnes.

Give it a try and share your thoughts.