Raw Green Mango Nutrition Facts that You Didn’t Know!

Raw green mango or raw mango or cairi as we call in Urdu, are the first mangoes to arrive on the streets of Pakistan.

Raw Green Mango Nutrition Facts

Before you get to indulge yourself in the eternal delight of the tastiest, juiciest sweetest, pulpiest mangoes of Pakistan. You get a teaser of this bliss in the form of the raw green mango.

Its the month of March and if you are lucky to have mango trees in your vicinity, you can witness the raw green mangoes already hanging from the branch or even fallen on the ground.

We have a mango tree in our front yard, and I am already collecting these mangoes because these raw green mango nutrition facts are simply amazing!

However, it’s not until early May that you can witness the streets of Karachi bazaars vendors and carts filled with these mangoes and people buying loads and loads of them to make chutneys, pickles and all kinds of sauces with these.

My mother has her very own special recipe for making sherbets (juices) from these raw mangoes as well as different kinds of chutneys (sweet and sour ones). She also has her own special recipe of aam ka achar.

I will share the recipes later, as for today I am going to share the raw green mango nutrition facts:-

raw green mangoes from my lawn

10 Surprising Raw Green Mango Nutrition Facts

  1. Rich source of Vitamin C: Raw mangoes have more vitamin c than the ripe ones, hence they are excellent for your skin, gums, and also prevents infections in the body.
  2. Helps in weight loss: Green mango also rich in dietary fibre. Thus it helps body metabolism to increase the digestive capability. The green mango also contains less sugar, therefore it wouldn’t increase sugar level nor fat in the body.
  3. Reduces acidity: If you are suffering from acidity and chest burn, raw mango is the best fruit to put an end to the problem. Chew on a piece of raw mango to reduce acidity.
  4. Helps to overcome Nausea: Raw mango works wonders if you suffer from nausea especially during pregnancy just chew on a piece of it and the nausea is gone within seconds.
  5. It’s an energy booster: If you are feeling low, or depressed drink a raw mango juice, and your mood and spirits will be lifted.
  6. Healthy Liver: The best health benefit of raw mango is it helps to treat liver disorders. Chewing on a piece of green mango increases the secretion of bile acids and clean the intestines of bacterial infections.
  7. Prevents from Heat Stroke: Excessive heat and sun rays are dangerous for your skin and body, therefore to prevent excessive loss of minerals and fluid from the body chew on a piece of raw mango sprinkled with salt. This works wonders and you don’t feel dehydrated.
  8. Prevents loss of minerals: Eating raw mango prevents the loss of iron and sodium chloride in the body. This is another health benefit of green mango.
  9. Maintains Blood Sugar Level: Green mango can also normalize the levels of insulin in the blood. It has a low glycemic index. Hence, it is good to maintain the blood sugar level.
  10. Immunity Booster: Due to the high content of vitamin C, therefore it helps to maintain the immune system.