Best Restaurant in North Nazimabad

Recently I got a chance to visit a new restaurant, ‘Tandoor’ in North Nazimabad for a Hajj party, which I found to be the best restaurant in that area.

I liked it right away, the first reason being there was an elevator so senior citizens won’t find it difficult to reach the rooftop. It was very clean, proper tables and chairs set up. Moderate lighting. Friendly and neat waiters.

What I like about their menu is that it’s not too extensive and is pretty basic, with a few variations of karahi. And they serve Chilman Biryani on the weekend.

To be honest, the only problem that we faced was finding proper parking as the roads there are in very bad shape. But luckily Tandoor also offers free valet parking.

For starters, we had Dynamite prawns and French fries.

Honestly, these were the best dynamite prawns I’ve had so far. Properly breaded and fried without any oily after taste. The sauce was soo sumptuous and the overall taste of the prawns deserves 5 stars.

We were seated on the rooftop, so my biggest concern with little kids was the height of the boundary wall but to my relief, the height of the rooftop in Tandoor is pretty high and we can sit in peace and enjoy our food.

And when it comes to describing the quality and taste of food I have nothing but praise.

Each and every item that we ordered was cooked and presented to perfection. After a very long time, I really enjoyed eating desi food.

Starting from the chilman biryani, well why is it called chilman  because it is served in clay pots and covered with a naan, and you have to dig in the naan to get the biryani, and the biryani tasted just perfect not too spicy or oily but a beautiful blend  and aroma of the spices, and tender meat.

The seekh kebab and malai boti were perfectly barbecued, and were so juicy and moist.

And you have to try the grilled fish there. It was simply amazing, served with rice, the fish had this tender yet crispy skin and the meat was soo juicy with the perfect blend of spices, which were not too overpowering, so you can actually taste what fish is like.

So from the naan to the karahi, every dish tasted just right, the serving was ample.

But the star of the dishes was Hunzai Handi. I have no words to explain the heavenly, creamy, taste of this exquisite karahi and I highly recommend it to all desi food lovers to try it at least once.

Oh yes, I can’t forget the desserts! Guess what if they wrote shahi turkey in their menu they actually had it, unlike many other restaurants who like to print names but fail to produce the dish.

So luckily they had shahi tukrey and it tasted so good and it was even served in a very royal plate with golden curved edges.

Tandoor restaurant in North Nazimabad is definitely one of the best restaurants in Karachi and even if you make the trip from Defence or Gulistan Johar I can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

I am going there again soon!