Best Female Dentist in Karachi; Dr. Wajeeha Rehman

Recently, I had been looking for the best dentist in Karachi. I was suffering from an acute toothache and knew that I was now a candidate for Root Canal. However, it was not just me, but other family members were also asking for references of good dentists.

So after visiting few dental clinics in Karachi, my heart finally settled for Dr.Wajeeha Rehman.

And without any doubt, I can say that she is one of the most competent and skilled dentists in Karachi.

I called her clinic and got scheduled an appointment on my requested date and time. This was such a convenience owing to the fact, that many dentists only prefer their scheduled time and not the patients.

Getting to her clinic was very easy since its located in one of most prime locations of Karachi.

Her clinic is definitely a state of the art clinic. It’s highly professional looking, neat and aesthetic. The shiny white interior is a proof of its regular maintenance and hygiene.

There is no manual filing system, it’s all computerized and highly efficient.

There were no delays in my appointment and I was catered right at the scheduled time. This was again such a relief, since many clinics and hospitals have very long wait hours, despite having an appointment.

So, once I got settled on the dental chair I was greeted by the most charming, professional and friendly dentist.

Dr. Wajeeha Rehman is young, competent, and highly skilled at her job.

She examined me very patiently and explained thoroughly about my tooth problem. Since all her equipment is the latest ones, there was no delay in producing the X-ray result. In fact, I could visually see my own dental X-ray right in front of the screen. This definitely makes one fully confident about their dentist and on the procedure, she is going to recommend.

My husband and I both have got our Root Canal Treatments done by her, and although these procedures take long and are expected to be somewhat painful, I have never witnessed a dentist who can pull it off so smoothly.

I could barely feel the injection on my gum, and the entire process was pain-free.

And it’s not just about us when it was my kid’s turn for their dental checkup, Dr. Wajeeha is the most child-friendly dentist I’ve ever met. And besides being child-friendly she is very skilled in making her little patients get comfortable.

Otherwise, usually, children are petrified of the dentist. But she is the kind where children are actually excited to visit.

My eight year old got a tooth extraction done by Dr.Wajeeha and that too with an anesthesia injection. She was so good at this, that he barely even twitched at the injection on his gum!

A Bit About Dr.Wajeeha Rehman

Dr. Wajeeha Rehman has been practicing dentistry over the last 10 years and has treated many patients.

Many of my relatives who visit from abroad, also got their treatments done by her and they have nothing but words of praise.

Recently, I got my teeth whitening done by her, and it is amazing. My teeth are sparkly white now, and the entire procedure went very well. I did not even feel much sensitivity for the next 24 hours.

So when it comes to the best teeth whitening in Karachi, just head to straight to Dr. Wajeeha.

Or if your teeth are really bad and they are lowering your self-confidence, you can also get that “Hollywood smile” by opting for Veneers, at her clinic. This is one of the latest cosmetic dental surgery, which is very much in trend and effective too.

She always treats her patients individually and is a great listener. She will always sit you down and make her best effort to make you feel comfortable and prepared for the procedure.

Although, there are many dental hospitals and dental clinics in Karachi. But not all of them are clean, hygienic and follow the standard procedure of sterilization.

When it comes to dental practice, following strict hygienic procedures is inevitable.

Unlike, a regular physicians visit a dental checkup will always involve the coming in contact with instruments. And if the dental instruments are not sterilized according to the standard procedure, the chances of acquiring infections are very high.

Thus it is highly critical to look out yourself and ask about the sterilization of instruments every time you visit the dentist.

Dr.Wajeeha’s instruments are 100% sterilized and she is very particular about disinfecting her clinic.

Unlike many dental clinics, which use tap water for rinsing and washing, Dr. Wajeeha only uses distilled water.

Teeth whitening, veneers, cosmetic dentistry Dr. Wajeeha Rehman does it all.

No matter how bad your teeth are, or if you are looking for cosmetic dental surgery, get in touch with Dr.Wajeeha and set up an appointment. Her team is very responsive and accommodating.

I always believe that your health should be your first investment, so if you are experiencing pain or heightened sensitivity, go to a dentist first and spend there, instead of considering the cost, because other things can wait but your health won’t. As the saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine”

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