Vital Tea a Huge Disappointment

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Its a dilemma with many new local brands is that they become the spotlight suddenly and suddenly go down the memory lane because of poor performance.

My family had been using Vital tea for the past 1 year, in fact relatives would even ask me about which tea I’m using and I would proudly answer Vital tea.

It was supposed to be so good, I was a real salesperson for this tea, and surely Vital tea had an amazing taste.

“Strong but not too strong, nice smell, awesome taste and the X factor KICK that’s needed once we have that first sip of tea.”

So once again we went for grocery to Hyperstar and I bought Vital tea.

I usually get the 475 gram pack which costs for Rs. 261 very economical as compared to many other brands.

But its never the lOW COST that convinces buyers to buy a product; its always always the QUALITY

However, this time I fell in the trap of marketing and sales.

I bought the 950g pack of Vital Tea worth Rs 558 because it had free tray offer and later we could also win a prize.

But since this was our favorite tea I wouldn’t mind a free tray and a prize.

Once we got home and I made tea, I kept waiting and waiting for the aroma to arise, but no it just didn’t and when I poured it in my cup it produced a very light color I wondered whats wrong??? This is always the way I make m tea, then I thought the taste will be fine but NO to my big disappointment the taste was totally bland.

No taste of tea at all, at first I doubted my technique of making tea but 2-3 trials produced the same result.

Sad that they have badly dropped down their quality and sad that I had bought the 1 Kg pack.

Now no more Vital tea at my place.

In search of another Tea….

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