10 Things to Love About Winters in Karachi


Winters in Karachi arrive like the much awaited guest whose presence makes us happy, brings warmth with the froth of the coffee, rusty smell of peanuts and the sweetness of gajar ka halwa.

So here is a list of the goodies that winters in Karachi always bring along for everyone:-

1. Freshly Roasted Peanuts

Only when its winters in Karachi we are blessed to have this really healthy sumptuous snack at any time of the day.
The sound of the dry fruits cart bell ringing is heard in all areas of Karachi and  brings smiles to faces; brothers, husbands, dads always ask “mom phalli khaani hai?”

Its something in the rusty smell and slightly sweet  taste of freshly roasted warm peanuts that make it so addictive; once you pop you can’t stop.

2. We get to wear fabric other than Lawn

So we finally get a break from lawn.

Leelan, khaddar, cotton and velvets flaunt their beautiful designs in all markets of Karachi.


3. The Family Comes Under One Blanket

When its really chilly inside, out we just love to cuddle up with our kids, our partners under the blanket and smile at each other.

Enjoy peanuts, peel oranges or sip coffee. These beautiful winters in Karachi not only make the weather in Karachi cooler but also brings the family together.

4. Fresh Oranges

Fruits of Pakistan are one of the best in the world. We are lucky to have really high quality, organic, fresh and very inexpensive seasonal fruits all year round. And no winter in Pakistan is complete without fresh oranges.



5. Coffee Replaces Tea

Coffee commercials start running more on TV and people buy coffee regularly.

Although there are some very fine cafes in Karachi, some of the best espressos are also available in the commercial snack stops around the city.


6. Food Storage is not a Hassle

The cold always preserves things and that is why even if you let food out the whole night it won’t rot and still remain fresh.

7. Weather in Karachi lets us Ignore Load shedding

Extensive load shedding its not a problem because the weather in Karachi is so pleasant.

8. Gajar ka halwa

Fresh, sweet, delectable,warm gajar ka halwa is a specialty only of  winters.

Every sweet shop and every home is making gajar ka halwa because this is what simply signifies winters in Karachi.

9. Dressing up is So Much Fun Now

Each day when you wake up in the winters you want to dress up, put on makeup, make your hair and look good, and if it’s a wedding then your wedding avalanche that is buried in your closet surely comes out and heavily embellished clothes actually look appealing to your eyes.


10. Going out is Must

Summers are so hot here that going out to parks, beaches, is not very exciting then, but since winters in Karachi are simply perfect not too cold and not even warm this makes going out a necessity for everyone.



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