KFC Deals Karachi 2015; Very economical and Totally Scrumptious

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We all have a chicken broast outlet in our area. And many times these local chicken broast vendors serve excellent tasting, affordable broasted chicken with your choice of chicken piece.

But lately when hunger was calling me I went for a quick review on foodpanda.com to check out whats cooking.

Should I order chicken broast from Sunny Broast our local chicken broast outlet or try something else.

So a quick peek on foodpanda led me to KFC deals and I spotted their Everyday Affordable Value.

And this was much cheaper than my own local broast outlet.

I mean for only Rs.275 you get 2 pieces of chicken, fries, one dinner roll and a super tangy, spicy dip, Vietnamese Dip.

We ordered two of these Chicken Chips deals and it arrived within 30 minutes at our doorstep.

Hot, crispy, spicy and super flavor you got it all!

And another even cheaper deal is the Krunch Burger worth only Rs.150.

Next time I’m trying this one.

So hurry the next moment, hunger strikes, order KFC Everyday Affordable Value Deals.

You can order at Food Panda as well.





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